Courtney and Sam

How We Met

First day, freshman year, and my very first class of the day. Nervous as I was, there was no ignoring the dreamy blonde haired blue eyed boy sitting on the other side of the classroom. I left for the hallway after class and immediately pointed Sam out to my friends saying, “I’m gonna marry that boy.” Fast forward a few weeks, we got paired together to critique writing samples (thanks Mr. Long!). In typical “me” fashion I was a little too critical and his pride was a little too wounded for anything to work out at that point. Whoops. Luckily enough for me, he didn’t completely lose interest and things began sparking our junior year of high school with much prompting and encouragement from my best friend. I spent the next two years proudly sporting his letter jacket through the halls and before I knew it the boy I daydreamed about in class turned into the man I dreamed of spending the rest of my life with.

how they asked

Being slightly desert-obsessed, Utah has always been on my mind. When deciding where to go for a backpacking trip with some of our closest friends, Zion National Park got thrown out as an option and seemed to be the front-runner. After driving the seventeen hours from Kansas to Utah, we spent days camping and backpacking through some of the less-trafficked areas of the park. Backpacking allows for a much more in depth understanding of the landscapes in Zion and it was a truly breathtaking experience. After our initial camping section of the trip was finished, we spent the next few days hitting the highlights. Later I found out that Sam’s original plan was to propose at the top of Angel’s Landing, one of the best views in the park. After witnessing how anxious I was about some of the steeper sections of our previous hikes, he decided that a proposal on a hike that requires chains to hang on to probably was not the smartest decision. (Smart guy huh?) Luckily for us the Zion Narrows hike opened up and we were able to hike the part of the canyon I was most excited about! The Narrows hike requires wading and swimming through the river and gives stunning views of the canyons. While I was perched on a boulder taking photos of our friends across the water, Sam was busy fishing through his backpack to find the ring box. As he helped me step down from the top of the boulder he pulled out the ring and I instantly started pouring tears! I cried myself dry with Sam on that boulder, admiring my ring and soaking in the moment before crossing the river to rejoin our friends. I can’t imagine anything being as perfect as saying yes to my long-time love in the most beautiful spot Zion has to offer. And, let’s be honest, any guy who is still willing to get down on one knee after days of no showers and going without the luxuries of indoor plumbing just HAS to be the one.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Zion National Park

Courtney's Proposal in Zion National Park