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How We Met

Sam and I met through mutual friends in college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and started dating in 2008 (the summer before our senior year). We graduated in 2009, moved to CA, started a business together in 2010 (SUGARED + BRONZED), bought a house together in 2020, and just got engaged on Christmas Day 2020. What took 12.5 years, you ask?

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We both come from divorced parents so subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) we didn’t want to rush into anything… and we were very, very busy with our business. Although, I have to say that it certainly hasn’t felt like 12+ years together… we are still kids at heart and the excitement of being together is still as strong as ever!

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How They Asked

Let me preface the story with these tidbits of information: I am obsessed with chocolate labradors- and especially puppies. While we have plans to get a puppy in the future, we are patiently waiting for the right timing (as we have been incredibly busy with our business and are just now settling into our new house). That being said, we always joke around another prospective business, “Puppy Parties” where you can literally just play with puppies… because doesn’t this just sound like the best mood enhancer for literally everyone?

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Fast forward to Christmas Day 2020- I finish streaming a yoga class, take a shower, put on my ugly Christmas sweater (everyone in the family was supposed to have theirs on), and stroll downstairs to grab a coffee. I quickly realize that there are 3 chocolate lab puppies walking around and then 4, 5, 6… and then suddenly there are 10 puppies in the living room! Most of my family seemed just as confused as I did, but everyone was too busy playing with the puppies to ask too many questions. As much as knew Sam and I joked about playing with puppies for the day, I secretly wondered if one of these puppies was actually for us and he had intentionally misled me about the waitlist we were on for the spring puppy to keep this a surprise.

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I decided I needed to pick one just in case. I found a spunky puppy and took him out to the yard to play with him alone. (Yes, I was an only child for 7 years- I have learned how to share since then but this was an important matter, LOL!)Quickly after I brought one of the puppies out to the yard, Sam walked up to me with another puppy- this one had a ribbon on it. (Apparently, this puppy had been in the bunch the entire time and I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even notice!). I quickly pivoted my thoughts to “oh so there is a puppy here for us and he already picked it out!” And I was wrong, again.

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Sam then pointed to a ring that was tied to the bow of the puppy and out of complete shock I think I said “what is this??” He then took the ring off the puppy, got down on one knee, and said “I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Still stunned, I said “YES” as quickly as I could get out words. If you watch the video- I don’t seem to have much of an emotional reaction, but quite honestly, no one has ever been able to surprise me before and I don’t even think my excitement was able to show through my state of shock! Don’t worry, over the next few minutes (not caught on camera) I was able to make sense of what just happened and tell Sammy how happy I was. (*We didn’t keep a puppy, we are on a waitlist for the spring, but let me tell you that we’ve confirmed that the idea of Puppy Parties is a fantastic one :)

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