Courtney and Ryan

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How We Met

I still remember the day we first met. It was at the SFU gym. Kelly and I had plans to gym that day, but I had no idea she invited you as well. Unbeknownst to you, days earlier, I had asked Kelly to set me up with one of her friends. She agreed but never confirmed when, and with who. Well, I was waiting by the front desk when you and Kelly walked in. My heart dropped when I saw you with Kelly. You looked so gorgeous! I instantly knew you were the friend Kelly was setting me up with. Unfortunately, I was wearing my ugliest gym outfit, complete with knee-high black socks. I was so nervous when greeting you, I awkwardly blurted out “Hi, I’m Ryan! Today is leg day for me, how about you?”

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That was 8 years ago; I still think about it regularly…

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How They Asked

In the new year, several businesses in the event industry came together to start a campaign aimed at giving back to one couple who has supported the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. The prize being an immersive proposal experience for one couple who has given a lot of themselves to their community and offer some much-needed good news and celebration. Ryan applied almost immediately after the promotion, fit the criteria and his application ended up being the winner.

Bespoke Decor came up with a custom-designed proposal experience where the couple would get to walk through a pathway of memories that would lead to a draped-off area and reveal the main backdrop where Ryan would propose.

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For two weeks, Ryan and Shirley, the planner from Filosophi came up with a plan to get Courtney out of school. This included practicing a speech (that he said perfectly!), kneeling down, and making sure Ryan was familiar walking to the venue. When she walked through the doors of the Pipe Shop, she immediately started tearing up. Emily Nicole Photos and a videographer from Farawayland Weddings were waiting to capture moments leading up to the proposal. We had Musos Entertainment setting the mood and Colin, the musician, sang a special song for them as they reached the main backdrop.

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After Courtney said yes, the couple got to celebrate at an intimate lounge where they popped some champagne! Once they were more comfortable and some of the adrenaline wore off, the videographer and photographer whisked the couple away to take some portrait shots!

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Overall, we couldn’t be happier for this couple and it was a great opportunity to give back to two hard-working individuals.

Neon sign: Stevenson Creative / Music: Musos Entertainment

Special Thanks

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