Courtney and Robert

how we met

We both have mutual friends, but we ended up meeting at a haunted house on halloween night.

how they asked

I was sick with the flu and we had just arrived in Canada. Robert had planned a special dinner for us to go to that night so he could pop the question, but since I was sick- we ended up just ordering room service so I could rest. As we’re eating room service in bed and watching movies, he decided that he couldn’t wait any longer. He laid next to me in bed and asked if watching TV and eating room service in bed was my favorite past time, which it absolutely is, and that just set the stage for what happened next. He read me a personal mission statement of his that he wrote and asked me, what was missing from this statement? When I finally guessed, that it was ME who was missing from his mission statement, I look up and he pulls out a handmade leather case out of his pocket (which he made himself) with the words, “Will you marry me?” carved into it. I crawl across the bed, in disbelief and in tears. I say, YES before I even open the case. Inside was my mothers engagement ring that my dad had originally proposed to her with. It was such a special and surreal moment- one I will never forget.

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