Courtney and Rob

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How We Met

Rob and I met nearly 3 years ago. I had been using dating apps for almost two years and was ready to throw in the towel. Then I matched with Rob! I was intrigued by a particular photo of him. He was wearing a t-shirt with the Union Jack flag on it, wearing cowboy boots, and holding a rifle. I thought, “A British Cowboy”? Interesting. It took a few weeks for us to meet up in person because we were both busy with work and traveling. When we finally had our first date (on a Tuesday night), we spent 6+ hours together. We had so much fun, we decided that we should see each other again. We ended up going on our second date the following evening (I was hesitant because I always thought that was taboo) because neither of us had any availability for two more weeks. After our second date, we knew that we had something special. I deleted all my dating apps and that was it!

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How They Asked

I hadn’t been home for Christmas to see my family in 6 years. When you work in a hospital, having time off around the holidays is hard to come by and comes once in a blue moon if you’re lucky. We had an opportunity to travel back home to PA to spend the holidays with my immediate family. While we were home, Rob asked me to go for a walk with him to grab lunch at a local Jamaican restaurant downtown. We walked half a mile through snow and ice-covered sidewalks to the Main Street of town. We grabbed our lunch and sat outside on a park bench in front of the town hall and the Christmas tree display. After we finished eating, I suggested we walk more to work off our lunch. Before we got up he got down on one knee (in a pile of snow and ice) and said “but before we go, I’d like to ask you to do me the honor of marrying me”. I said “of course, yes!” It was so perfect and I was so fortunate to be able to share the moment with my family.

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