Courtney and Richard

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How We Met

Courtney and Richard were introduced by their parents as they were both home from college for Thanksgiving break. Richard’s family had just moved to Courtney’s hometown and their mother’s met at a salon. Their relationship quickly formed ours. Both families went out to dinner and that was the first time Courtney and Richard had laid eyes on each other. That night, Richard invited Courtney to go out with him and some of his friends to Ft. Worth. Of course, she said yes… Have you seen him!? This was the night they both developed a friendship. The two spent the rest of their Thanksgiving break together before heading back to school, 10 hours apart. Courtney attended The University of North Texas and Richard attended The University of Nebraska. During those several months apart, before Christmas break, Courtney and Richard talked every single day. They were finally reunited for a months time during break and realized their friendship was growing into much more. On new years day in 2013, they finally became “official.”

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how they asked

Courtney and Richard were touring the southern part of California for vacation in June of 2015. They were hiking Sunset Cliffs in San Diego as they both share a love and passion for nature and the outdoors. As they approached the end of the cliffs, the sun started to set, and in the distance surfers were catching their final waves. As Rich and Courtney were taking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and all the surroundings, Rich got down on one knee, and expressed his love for her. The tears were flowing. Rich and Courtney held each other tight, shared a few (or a lot) of kisses and she said YES! It was like a scene out of a movie.

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