Courtney and Rian

Image 1 of Courtney and Rian

How We Met: We met working together and we started hanging out and we knew we were in love the moment we met shortly after we started officially dating Rian went into the military. He told me when he left that I was the woman of his dreams and that we were going to be married. And now here we are engaged!

how they asked: When we first met we always went to this tree that Rian carved our initials and a heart into. We have always loved to sit by this tree and spend time together. While he was in the military this was our favorite place to visit. The day he proposed we were visiting the tree and Rian touches up the carving every time so previously he buried the ring box below some pine needles and when he was touching up the carving this time he acted like he had to bend down and grab a different knife to carve with but he came up with more then a knife he came up with the ring of my dreams and a custom box he made with a picture of the tree the first day it was carved and now I am getting married to my best friend.

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