Courtney and Raymond

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How We Met

We met in high school in Spanish class, but we did not start dating until 2011. We re-connected through Facebook.

how they asked

My boyfriend (fiancé now) and I were playing Cards Against Humanity with some friends (they were all in on it), and it was Ray’s (the boyfriend) turn. He read the card he “drew” and it said, “_________, will you please _________?”

I was trying to pick the cards I was going to use with the card he drew and I was jokingly upset because none of them made sense grammar wise. I even asked if I could sit this one out. ?? I’m such a brat (so glad he loves me).

Anyway, after everyone put their cards they picked down on the table, he was reading each of our cards out loud, and then he said, “Courtney” and put the card down. And I thought to myself, “oh my name is in the deck.” And then he said, “will you please marry me, finally?”

And put that card down. I literally just thought it was part of the game and those cards just happened to be in his deck, so he was being a goofball. Then he pulled a ring out and got on his knee. Then I put 2 and 2 together. I literally could not believe it. I cried. Everyone was videoing and I didn’t even realize it. Lol It all played out so well. No pun intended. The best, most perfect proposal I could have imagined!

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