Courtney and Paul

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“It’s about time!” was the most common response we heard once we announced that we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Here’s how it happened… Paul planned a weekend getaway but wouldn’t say where we were going. We ended up in our favorite local place…Temecula! We stayed at Churon Inn and Winery and from the first glimpse of the property I felt like a Disney Princess at a French cottage. We spent the first night enjoying their complimentary wine tasting before dinner across the way at Miramonte Winery. The following day I had booked an appointment at the Briar Rose Winery for Saturday afternoon so we took our time with a late breakfast before heading out for a great day of wine tasting. Little did I know how great the day was about to get. Around 11:30 I started saying we should probably call an Uber to take us to the winery as I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get there. Paul suggested we go for a walk first. In my head, this was confusing as we had an appointment at noon but I quickly realized that I really needed to go on this walk with him. He led me down through the vineyard where we were staying at Churon Inn and Winery until we were in the middle of a gazebo atop a hill that overlooked rolling hills of vines from neighboring wineries. Paul asked me, “You know I love you right?” I said, “Of course, I love you too.” Then he asked, “You know I want to love you forever, right?” Then he begins to kneel down while pulling out a ring as I exclaimed, “Is this really happening??” and finally asked me the one question I had been dying to hear for years, “Will you marry me?” Of course I said yes!! He put the ring on my shaking finger and finally kissed me. It was of course the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and come to find out later, had been designed by Paul specifically for me. After a few minutes of me consistently asking, “Are you sure??” and “Do you promise?” we calmed down (slightly), took some photos, and headed straight to the Disney winery to celebrate!

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