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How We Met

I used to always hate when people asked how we met. For a while we would tell a different story every time. “Oh, we met through mutual friends!” Or, “We met when we were at Snow College!” Or, “We met at a party!” We really did have a lot of mutual friends, we both did go to Snow College before we came to BYU, and one of the first times we hung out was at a party. But the real truth is we met on Tinder! I guess you could say it was love at first swipe…but not exactly! We met in May of 2016 and I wanted him to ask me out on a date for so long but we didn’t go on an official first date until October 2016. We hung out a few times between May and October and played on intramural sport teams together at school, but it took a long time for us to actually start dating! Finally after building a friendship, 3 dates and knowing each other for about 8 months we decided to start dating! Our love continued to grow stronger and stronger that year and just as they always say… “the rest was history!”

We both love watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette while we dated, and we started making our own “date cards” for each other like they do on The Bachelor. (Super cheesy I know, but it was so cute and kinda our thing).

Also, we have this special spot in Draper, Utah that we loved to drive up to. It’s just a cul de sac at the end of a street that has a really good view of the Salt Lake Valley and it’s where we made significant milestones in our relationship- such as deciding to make our relationship official and also where we said “I love you.” I remember one time when we were up there I said to Parker, “If we got married one day, this would be a good place to propose to me.. .except I don’t know how you’d make a cul de sac pretty.”

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I wanted to do it in Draper because I didn’t think she’d expect me to propose there because of what she said about that spot. Luckily, she has a friend that lives in Draper so I asked her if there was anything by her house that I could propose at and she said her next door neighbor had a gazebo I could use! Around Christmas time I had the day planned and texted her whole family the day and the time I was going to do it because she always told me she wanted her family there when we got engaged!

The funny thing about this all is that Courtney had planned a game night at her friends house in Draper the night I was planning to propose, so she basically just set the perfect scenario! I didn’t know how I was going to get her up there casually without suspicion, so this was perfect.

The day of the actual proposal a huge snow storm came- it was the first time all winter it had snowed a lot. Her friend texted me and said “there’s no way anyone can get up here because of the snow, it’s can’t happen today.” And she sent me a picture of the gazebo I was going to propose at and there was about a foot of snow leading to it. I was so frustrated because I was planning this since November, and everyone was planning to come up for it. But luckily, everything ended up working out with so much help of her family! Just a little colder than I had planned.

We got to the house and I walked Court to the backyard to the gazebo which was all lit up and there were roses, the puzzle picture, and rose petals on the ground. Since this technically was a date I gave her a “date card” and had her read it out loud, it said; “that you took a bold chance and decided to swipe right, and for time and all eternity you want to be my wife. Now for always you’ll have me a love without end, I’ll love you forever and ever amen.” She began to cry and I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me!

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Courtney and Parker's Engagement in Draper, Utah

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