Courtney and Nick

Courtney and Nick's Engagement in Barbados

How We Met

Nick and I met back in 2011ish, through mutual college friends but we didn’t end up dating until 2015. We both graduated from Texas Christian University where I graduated with his sister Melanie in 2010 and he graduated in 2007. His sister Melanie and I were friends for about three and half years before I even knew she had a brother, much less that I would end marrying him a few short years later! Fast forward about a year after I graduated college, and when we met, my group of girlfriend’s boyfriends were coincidentally friends with Nick as they all attended Southern Methodist University together, where Nick was earning his Law degree from. This is when our circle of friends was formed and we all started hanging out on a regular basis. He always had a girlfriend and I always had a boyfriend so dating him never really crossed my mind as we were just friends. Fast forward again a few years later, we were both just in the right place (in our lives), at the right time and we just CLICKED! We have been dating for almost three years, and as cheesy as it sounds, he’s my best friend. Seriously. I don’t know what I would do without him – I love that kid to pieces!

Courtney's Proposal in Barbados

how they asked

Nick and I were on vacation with his family, in Barbados, when he pulled off the most surprising proposal I could have ever dreamed of! We have been dating almost three years and have discussed getting married, we’ve looked at rings, etc. but I had NO CLUE what he had up his sleeve (or in his pocket) while we were on vacation. We were on the island for almost week so we had plenty of time explore every inch of the island and all it had to offer. Nick’s sister is an amazing photographer, so during our almost-daily excursions we were all taking a lot of photos, obviously. I mean, how could we not?! We were literally in paradise!

One day, while I was walking the beach with Nick, his sister Melanie and her boyfriend Ben, we stumbled upon the uber-luxe resort Sandy Lane. The sunsets in Barbados are beyond spectacular, so we wanted to see if we could make a reservation there for sunset-drinks and dinner. Little did I know, that Nick had other plans in-mind besides just drinks and dinner – he was scouting this resort as a potential ‘proposal location’.

Fast forward to the very next day, we are getting ready for drinks and dinner at Sandy Lane and I still have no clue what’s coming my way in a few short hours. Everyone looks so nice dressed up as we arrive at the resort and order drinks on the beach – I ordered a strawberry daiquiri, which I never do but I was in a frozen-drink mood. As soon as the waitress sits our drinks in front of us, Nick’s sister Melanie immediately pops up and says “Let’s go take some pictures on the beach!”. I did not want to take anymore photos, so I respond, “No that’s ok, y’all go ahead without me. My drink will melt!”

Melanie’s boyfriend Ben and then Nick stand up and they all start to coax me into taking some pictures with them… then both of Nick’s parents start saying “Oh just go take one picture!”. I reluctantly agree to go to take some pictures. Fine. After Melanie snaps a couple photos, I ask “Ok, so are we done? Can we go back now? My drink is melting…” Melanie ignores what I just said and then proceeds to say “Let’s take a few more but if you and Nick want to hold hands and start walking down the beach…” I interrupted her and said “Oh my goodness, this is so cheesy! UGH!” I was so over it.

As I’m clearly not winning this argument, Nick and I start walking down the beach while I’m complaining about my feet getting sandy and how my maxi dress was dragging on the ground and getting sandy, etc. I was not in the mood for a photo shoot. After a few steps down the beach, Nick points to a group of palm trees and says “Oh look, baby palm trees! Let’s take some pictures up there!” I roll my eyes and again, agree to take just a few more pictures. Melanie is just snapping away and I ask again “Ok are we done now? I really don’t want to take any more pictures…” Nick responds to me saying “Just a one more photo and we can walk back! But before we do, I have one question…” I was starting to get frustrated with this forced photoshoot and said, “What… what ques…” I didn’t even finish what I was saying when Nick started getting down on one knee and loving asked me “Will you do me the honor…”!!!!!

I didn’t even hear what else he said because I immediately burst into tears and immediately thought, ‘OMG I’m such a jerk for complaining about walking down the beach for photos! HE WAS PLANNING ON PROPOSING THE ENTIRE TIME!’. I was in complete shock for a solid two minutes, before I could comprehend what Nick was even saying to me, much less breathe! As soon as I could manage a breath, I immediately said “Oh my god, YES!”.

Melanie was snapping photo after photo capturing every single moment while Ben was capturing the whole thing on video! It was a moment that I couldn’t possibly remember on my own with every detail, so I am forever thankful Melanie and Ben were in on the surprise and were able to capture something I will cherish for the rest of my life! After Nick put the most beautiful ring on my finger, I wiped away my happy-tears and we all walked back to the resort where my now-melted strawberry daiquiri was waiting for me. Nick’s parents knew he was going to propose and they already had tears in their eyes when they embraced me as the future-daughter-in-law! It was a wonderful feeling! I then proceeded to call my parents and they of course knew this was coming, which just added to my astonishment that everyone was able to keep me such a secret. I was truly impressed. Nick could not have planned a more perfect proposal, even when I was not in the most agreeable moods at the time. But looking back on it now, it’s something we will both remember and just laugh about how it happened :)

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