Courtney and Michael

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Stifel Theatre

How We Met

I met Mike in 4th grade through the church. He was new to the church I had been going to since I was born. Everyone thought he was super cute, so I was definitely not the only one crushing on him at the time! Through the years, Mike became great friends with my older brother, Josh, so he was always around my family. Through him coming around so often, Mike and I became really close, especially when we both reached high school. I always thought he was too cool for me, so why would he want to date someone like me?! We hung out often and he loved when I would go to his soccer and volleyball games. He was one of my closest friends!

Through high school, we both were in relationships, and each had their individual struggles. Mike and I were there for each other through all of it. Then, the summer before my senior year of high school, Mike went with my family to the lake for a week. While I was there, I was going through a horrible breakup. Mike was there through my heartbreak and anger, but most importantly, I was there to make sure I still had a smile on my face through the pain. It was that vacation together where our friendship became much deeper and where we saw there was more than just friendship between us. Shortly after, we started dating.

Fast forward seven and a half years, he has been with me through the hardest situations in life, like when my dad became paralyzed, and the sweetest moments, like when we gained our first nephew. I am beyond blessed that we have had such a beautiful journey together so far and I get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.

Where to Propose in Stifel Theatre

How They Asked

After Mike and I celebrated our seven-year anniversary, we started talking about getting married all the time. Mike knew that I dreamed of getting married in the Grand Lobby at Stifel Theatre (formerly Peabody Opera House). I also began looking out for signs of a proposal. I would get hopeful over things like him getting his haircut or making plans with our group of friends on a Saturday, hoping he would be proposing that weekend. After a few months, I gave up trying to guess when it was going to happen. Maybe it wasn’t going to happen as soon as I’d hoped?!

Proposal Ideas Stifel Theatre

One Saturday morning, Mike had an outdoor hockey game that I was going to with my friend, Stephanie. Mike told me he had to work after the game, so I planned to get brunch with Stephanie and meet up with Mike after. Once Stephanie and I were done with brunch, we went to meet Mike at his work, which is connected to Stifel Theatre. When we got there, I was told he was still working on a video upstairs and that we could watch him finish up.

When we walked upstairs, I turned a corner and saw him standing in the middle of the Grand Lobby with lights strung and a table with champagne and glasses. I knew right then and there what was happening. I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t move from the shock so Mike had to walk me to the center of the lobby. It was such a beautiful moment shared between the two of us and after he proposed, I was surprised with all my friends and family running down the stairs to share in the tears and celebration. It was the best moment of my life. Mike thought of everything and had everyone important to be there. I could not have planned a more perfect proposal myself!

Special Thanks

Lucas Winkelmann
 | Photographer