Courtney and Micah

How We Met

Micah and I both went to Tarleton State University but met in 2013 as I was finishing up with my Master’s Degree and the last week of my senior softball season. He was already finished with his Master’s Degree and an assistant coach for Tarleton’s baseball team. How we never met before then, it’s still a mystery to me..

One day after a game, I was turning in my uniform to the coaches to be washed and passed Micah and some of his players (who I knew) in the hall. After passing them and saying a quick “Hey!”, Micah began asking his players about me. Just a few days later, he obtained my number and wished me luck on my next game. After talking and texting back and forth for about a week, Micah asked me on a date and we’ve been inseparable ever since! I fell so in love with him, ‘stache and all!

Image 1 of Courtney and Micah

how they asked

The Graves family takes family pictures yearly and ever since we started dating, they have always been so sweet to let me tag along so that Micah and I could get pictures of just the two of us. 2015’s family pictures were set up last minute because of weather and our travel plans. Micah and I live in Kentucky while most of our family and friends live in Texas; it’s hard to plan anything because our families never know when they will get us for very long. Micah’s mom let us know that the pictures were going to be taken at Canyon Creek Country Club and at 3:30 in the afternoon. I had no clue what they had up their sleeves..

Once family pictures started wrapping up, the photographer said it was time to shoot some of Micah and me. After a couple of pictures and different locations, the photographer ask us to turn toward each other. As she started snapping a few last shots, Micah began talking about the first time I took pictures with his family and how far we had come since then. Then, he said, “This time though, these can be a part of our engagement pictures..” and proceeded to get down on one knee. Immediately, the water works started and he continued by adding a few other sweet things and asked me to marry him. The word “YES!” never came out of my mouth, but once I wiped my tears and shook my head frantically, he slid the gorgeous ring on my finger!! Being the giant cry-baby that I am, he knew the tears meant yes! Once the tears were gone, I finally noticed that my family, best friends and Micah’s best friend (video camera in hand) were emerging from the club house; on cue, the tears started rolling down my face again! He had pulled off the best surprise ever by getting my family and friends from all across Texas to be there on our special day! His family and friends were there to show their love as well! It was such a perfect and special proposal; the proposal was intimate but we had the party waiting on us!

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Special Thanks

Canyon Creek Country Club
 | Proposal Location