Courtney and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I both worked at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, CA. I was the on-site wedding + event coordinator and Matt was a golf pro that assisted with golf tournaments on site. We actually worked at the golf club for 7 months before ever running into each other. I had to go into the golf shop one day to use their laminator and Matt was standing there at the counter and I remember thinking “well he’s cute, why have I not seen him before?”. I ended up going into the golf shop quite often after that to use the laminator ;) A few weeks later, Matt messaged me on Facebook and said that he had something funny to show me and asked for my number so that he could text it to me. That was really just his sly way of getting my phone number, haha. We ended up texting back + forth quite a bit and he ended up asking me out on a date. We went to BJ’s and had wine + just chatted for a few hours. I remember walking up to my apartment that night beaming from ear to ear and then he texted me a picture of his puppy cuddling on his bed and I knew he was different than any other guy I’d dated.

After that first date, we were fairly inseparable and hung out multiple nights a week. He attended my annual Friendsgiving that November and we posted our first picture together on social media that night which obviously made us officially boyfriend + girlfriend ;) Five months after that, we ended up moving in together and have lived together ever since with our two dogs.

Matt and I have now been together for 2 years and 4 months and we are so excited to become husband + wife!

how they asked

Matt and I had booked a cruise for just the two of us back in January of 2017. I posted about it on Instagram and my best friend (Samantha) immediately texted me and asked for the details because she wanted her and her boyfriend (Mike) to join as well and they ended up booking that same night. As the cruise date got sooner, Samantha kept saying how excited she was but I thought nothing of it because who wouldn’t be excited about a week-long cruise?! What I didn’t know is that behind the scenes, the three of them (Matt, Mike + Samantha) were planning Matt + I’s engagement!

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They had made reservations at the steakhouse on board the ship (which I knew about but also thought nothing of it) for the second night of the cruise and had planned to watch the sunset before dinner. Samantha made sure we were on time for the sunset that second evening and we all took pictures of each other like we normally would. Matt + I were standing at the railing of the ship and I hadn’t noticed that Samantha and Mike had stepped back.

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Matt leaned in and said “I’m really nervous” and I said “why?!” and he responded, “because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I knew what was happening then and started to cry as Matt got down on one knee. Neither of us remembers what was said to each other but I know I eventually said yes and he slid the ring on my finger. I was beyond surprised and was NOT expecting Matt to propose at all. I also couldn’t believe that Mike + Samantha had known for a few months and had helped Matt plan everything. I am forever grateful to Mike + Samantha for capturing pictures and video of this special moment in Matt + I’s life!

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