Courtney and Kyle

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How We Met: I used to go watch all of my very first boyfriend’s baseball games in middle school, which is how I met Kyle. After a devastating heartbreak, I quit going to games, but fortunately kept some friends I had made through him. A girl I’d met through him actually lived right down the road from Kyle, so when she suggested a run downtown, he offered to pick us up and come along on the run. I was going through a weird medical phase, having lots of passing out spells for no real reason, but I didn’t think a run would hurt anything. A little bit into the run I could feel the cold sweat coming on and the black out began. Before I even knew it Kyle ran to get his car and sped to come pick me up and take me to a nearby friends. The driveway had to be at a 80 degree angle, it was so steep and the last thing I could do was walk up it. Kyle, without hesitation, carried me up the hill, and stayed by my side until I felt like myself again. The rest is history. We ended up going to the same college, taking a little time off from our relationship only to realize being together was the only thing that made any sense, and moving in together last spring. Our love story is far from perfect. We’ve seen happy, sad, tears, and laughter, and it’s only made us the couple we are today. Our friendship is just as strong as our love, and I believe that’s made all the difference in our relationship.

how they asked: I will graduate in December of this year and decided to have some photos taken to place inside my graduation announcements. I had asked my best friend’s older sister if she would mind photographing me, and she agreed to do the favor. My best friend ended up coming along to “help me pose/keep Kyle occupied on the solo shots of me,” but now I know she was just along to carry the ring in her small cooler full of drinks….Sneaky!

As a photography major, Kyle KNEW there would have to be someone to capture the moment or it just wouldn’t be the same to me. Kyle had recently gotten a new job, which came with a new cubical in need of some decorating. Kyle, knowing who I had asked to take the pictures, snuck around my back, got her information from my best friend and set everything up.

“So do you think I could be in a couple pictures towards the end so I have new pictures for my desk at work??” was his question to me. I should have known something was up then! (The boy is not one to beg for pictures!) I said of course and a few weeks later we headed out for pictures.

Because I photograph a lot of couples myself, I had a ton of poses in mind for what I wanted mine and Kyle’s pictures to look like. I was kind of confused when she asked us to stand back to back. This was not a pose I’d think to use, but I went along with it. Little did I know, she and Kyle had planned that out so he could pull the ring out and hold it, while she snapped a picture of the ring right behind my back and I didn’t even know it!

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She told us we could switch up poses and before I could even turn around Kyle had dropped to one knee. I had waited on this moment for 7 years and to see it unfold before my eyes so perfectly was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Crying, shaking, smiling, laughing, I just held on to him saying “of course.”

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My best friend ran over with champagne and glasses and we celebrated right there where it all went down.

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It was the the most perfect, and best day of my life.

Photographer: Hannah Rankin Photography