Courtney and Kyle

Where to Propose in Marietta Square

How We Met

We are high school sweethearts. After meeting him that freshman year and thinking he was “a bit of a dork”, we lost touch – junior year of high school, after we’d both changed enough physically so as to not recognize each other, my sister said I HAD to meet this guy. I had just gotten out of several bad relationships, so I avoided Kyle at all costs for a year. Senior year of high school, we ended up at the same event (which several years later I found out was planned by none other than my own sister & momma), and hit it off immediately! As the night went on and we told stories of our past, we realized we were telling stories about each other! That day turned into an impromptu “date day” that started at 2 and ended at midnight, with us thinking of every last thing we could do together just to spend some more time. As we dated, Kyle would always “fake propose” to me – when we were in pajamas watching Netflix, while I was at work, or even when I was miserably failing to help make dinner.

how they asked

We always went on one really fancy date per month, so it was no surprise to me when Kyle told me to have my nails done and get dressed up for our date to Marietta Square one Saturday in May. We tasted silly-flavored sodas at the candy shop and had dinner overlooking the fountain with a beautiful live pianist. He spent all night telling me how lucky he was to have me – looking back, I should have realized what was going on. But Kyle was and always had been sentimental, so in the moment I just assumed he was being sweet, like any other day. After dinner, we went to the same fountain we were overlooking. Kyle told me that his parents had been married under the gazebo next to the fountain, and how he wished that his dad who had recently passed away had been able to see where we had gotten in our relationship. After talking for a while, he offered me a coin to make a wish within the fountain – my whole life I had always carried a penny to wish within the event I came across a fountain.

I made my wish, and he made his. Kyle (foolishly) believed that I would tell him what I wished for! When I declined several times, he asked if he could guess what I had wished for “with his actions”, and that I had to close my eyes (can you tell how childish we are at heart?!). I did, and I felt him kneel down. I thought to myself “wow, how original…he thinks I wished he proposed today”! After what felt like several minutes of standing there with my eyes closed, I peeked them open to see Kyle with the most beautiful ring in his hand as well as the cutest grin across his face…but this time it was for real! At that moment, my biggest wish had come true, and I knew that I was getting to marry my soulmate and best friend.