Courtney and Kyle

Courtney and Kyle's Engagement in Kyle's parents house

How We Met

It was the beginning of my senior year of high school and I had just gone through a big heart break. I told my family that I no longer wanted to go to my Senior Homecoming dance, but they knew deep down I did. That’s when my dad stepped in. Having coached high school football for years, he was surrounded by guys my age and wanted to help. As silly as it sounds, he told me he would give me names of 3 guys that he knew would be fun dates for the dance. Kyle was one of those names. The other two I had heard of from my dad coaching them in previous years, but Kyle was a new one for me. I decided to use facebook to look him up (the glory of social media), but what I could see of his pictures and profile were very limited, so I sent a friend request. I’m pretty sure it was within the next couple of hours that Kyle sent me a message that said “Hey pretty lady”.. LOL I truly didn’t know what to think of it, but I responded anyways. Soon after the facebook messages came text messages, and a week later we met for the first time in person on the football field after one of his games. Our meeting was very brief, but I instantly knew there was something so special about Kyle. We talked constantly for the next week and planned our first date in that time. I love fall and carving pumpkins has always been one of my favorite things to do, so I asked if he would come over to carve pumpkins with me. I told him that when he arrived to my house and first saw me, he had to immediately pick me up and spin me around, otherwise he couldn’t stay. I was totally joking, but Kyle took me seriously. As soon as I was within reach, he picked me up, hugged me, and spun me around in my front yard. I fell in love with him that very day. We were together the rest of high school and through our first year of college. That first year of college was rough for us. We went to different schools and met so many new people. After some thought, and for various different reasons, I decided to end our relationship. Shortly after, I started a new relationship that would last 5 years and give me a perfect little boy. The first year or so of that relationship I thought I was happy, I thought about Kyle a lot and ran into him periodically, but made I made sure to tell myself I was perfectly happy in my new relationship and things didn’t work out with Kyle for a reason. Just shy of two years into this new relationship, I found out I was pregnant. The only person I didn’t want to find out was Kyle, because surely he’d never look at me the same. I made sure to keep my entire life a secret from everyone except a very few close people and family. I did not run into or speak to Kyle until months after my son was born. My family owns a dental office and I’ve worked there for a very long time. Kyle and his entire family are patients with us, and Kyle had an appointment coming up. I was so nervous to see him and wondered if we’d even speak to each other. When he first walked in he walked right past me without acknowledging me and my heart dropped. we hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in so long and I couldn’t let that continue. I mustered up the courage and walked in to talk to him. I was shaking, my heart was pounding, I was fighting my tears.. I still loved him. And I had absolutely NO idea what to do about it. From that day we kept in loose contact. I was having a lot of issues in my relationship, and knew it wasn’t going to work long term and I decided to leave. Kyle’s arms were wide open. Ready to love me AND my son. We told each other if we were going to try again that we had to give our all. And thats exactly what we did. I knew I wanted to marry Kyle. Looking back, I knew in high school I wanted to marry him. It was just a scary decision, for both of us, to make so young. Now we are so thankful for the time we spent apart. We got learn and grow on our own. We truly learned that there was no-one else out there better for us, but each other.

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How They Asked

Kyle’s sister has worked as a nurse at a local hospital for years and she worked night shifts every weekend. She missed all the get togethers and fun times with the rest of the family because of this. Two months before the proposal, she sent all of us a text message stating she put in her notice at the hospital and was finally going to have her weekends free and she wanted to celebrate by having a fall party for all of our family and friends. Kyle’s parents currently live on a gorgeous farm with cows and corn and open land and it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite place to be, so she planned to have the party there. For two months we were talking about this party as if it were all for his sister. A few days before the party, the forecast showed that it was going to rain and I text a few of the sisters so concerned that it was going to ruin her party! That was the point where they knew I was clueless. The big event at this party was a pumpkin carving contest (where the winner got money!!) and I was not going down without a fight! I love carving pumpkins and I’m actually pretty good at it, so I decided on a very difficult design that took me three days to complete.. LOL. When we got to the farm for the party, Kyle’s sister told me to take my pumpkin down the hill and place it on the hay bails with the rest of the pumpkins (we all had our pumpkins in garbage bags so nobody saw them until the judging of the contest). She emphasized facing the carved pumpkin itself away from where everyone could see so they could reveal the winning pumpkin once they picked. I did as I was told without a second thought, then continued with the party. The entire family took the kids on a hay ride around the farm and when we came back Kyle’s dad announced that we were judging the pumpkin carving contest, and asked everyone to make their way down the hill to where the pumpkins were. As we all stood around, Kyle’s mom and dad took the garbage bags off of each pumpkin and gave their initial reactions. When they looked at mine, Kyle’s dad said a big “wow!” and I was like “yup I got this”. They chose my pumpkin as most detailed and Kyle’s as most creative. I still didn’t suspect a thing. I was so focused on winning this contest and I didn’t feel any pressure being up against Kyle because, let’s be real, I’ve seen him carve a pumpkin before.. His parents told all of us that they were going to hand each of us our pumpkins and we would turn them around for the entire group to vote on the winner. We grabbed our pumpkins, turned them around, and placed them next to each other on a tree stump. Everyone made comments about mine so I just stood there behind it with my hands on my hips. so proud and smiling knowing I was going to win. I still hadn’t even looked at Kyle’s pumpkin and eventually his dad said “Courtney, don’t you wanna go look at Kyle’s pumpkin?!”. And I was like ” oh yeah maybe I should see what I’m up against before acting so cocky” lol. I walked forward and leaned over to see his and as I read the words “Marry Me?” that were carved into it, Kyle was getting onto one knee with a ring in his hand. I completely blacked out. I burst into tears and my entire body was shaking. He couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t say anything. We just stood there. Both crying and hugging each other. After a few moments had passed everyone starting asking “well is that a yes?!” and I shook my head until I gained enough composure to throw my arms up and shout “yes!”. Best. Day. Ever. That entire party was for me. We had all of our family there with us to witness the most special moment in our relationship thus far. We were showered with love and gifts and a celebration the rest of the night. So much thought was put into the entire day and it was so special that Kyle used fall and pumpkin carving, something so special to me and the very beginning of our relationship, to ask me to spend forever with him. It could not have been anymore perfect!

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