Courtney and Kurt

How We Met

It all started on October 7, 2012, at Coogan’s in downtown Boston (dollar drafts– Courtney has always loved a bargain). After making eye contact from across the bar and watching Courtney mouth the words “Help me!”, Kurt swooped over to “rescue” Courtney from a man she was not interested in.

“Hi Babe, I was in the bathroom…” Kurt said with a wink, and the rest is history.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Trevi Fountain Rome, Italy

Their official first date took place the next evening: post-movie pizza underneath the Paul Revere Statue in the North End. Courtney ordered her pizza in Italian, of course, and Kurt put Courtney’s phone number in his phone as “Courtney Spaghetti.”

After they ate, Kurt drove Courtney back to her dorm at Lesley with the magic of Sam Cooke as their soundtrack. Courtney always knew that Kurt was a gentleman because he never let her take the T at night on her own.

how they asked

Fast-forward to February 2017, K & C took a quick trip to Rome during their German vacation. They couldn’t go to Europe without popping over to Italy, where “Courtney Spaghetti” spent the best semester of her life.

Kurt got down on one knee at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Kurt was beyond honored to propose with Courtney’s (Italian) great-grandmother, “GiGi’s” engagement ring. Through tears of joy, shock, excitement, and overwhelming emotion, Courtney sobbed, “You should have fed me first! Yes!” Pizza in Trastevere along the Tiber immediately followed.

Special Thanks

Meredith Jane Hunter