Courtney and Kristopher

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Yosemite National Park

How They Asked

My fiance and I are from a small town in California and went to the same high school, but got connected through social media about 4-5 years post-high school. We have always been adventurous with some of our favorite hobbies ranging from car camping to backpacking y’all mountains such as Whitney, and more.

One of our first dates was a snowboarding trip to Mammoth where we drove for 11 hours in one day and started to really get to know one another. Coincidentally before meeting each other, we both always did handstands wherever we went with beautiful backgrounds, so when we started dating, we started doing handstands together at every place we traveled to.

Courtney and Kristopher's Engagement in Yosemite National Park

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Yosemite National Park

On this particular weekend, I thought we were going camping for a couple of nights in Yosemite National Park, but after about 20 minutes of driving around “looking for our campsite,” we pulled over and stopped to take a picture of the beautiful view. Kristopher then took my hand and started to walk me over to where I noticed he had an entire setup of a blanket, pictures, and decorations.

He began to cry and I noticed two of our friends hiding behind some trees with fake beards on, capturing the moment. It all happened so fast, but after a few sweet words, I said “yes” and we started our engagement with the best handstand yet!