Courtney and Kent

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How We Met

I started talking to Kent on Bumble in October of 2017. I was living in a beachfront apartment complex in Long Branch, New Jersey called Pier Village at the time. I was a little cautious and wary when messaging him because it told me on Bumble that he was only 0.3 miles away. So I casually asked him “where are you right now”? I think he was a little turned off at first because his reply was very short as he responded “at home”.

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I began thinking maybe this is some kind of bot that I am talking to and not a real person. So I further questioned him asking where home was because the app said he was so close. He stated, “Pier Village”. This further piqued my interest so I asked him what floor or building? I was really curious about his answer because I was sure I was not talking to a real person.

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He then stated he was on the third floor. At this point, I began freaking out because I lived on the third floor! We then found out that we only lived 10 doors down from one another! He also did mention he thought I could be a low key stalker for those questions I had asked him, but hey you never know on those dating apps who you could be talking to! We had never crossed paths because I am a surgical nurse and I leave for work early in the morning and he is in the army, so our schedules never aligned to meet up at the elevator or corridor that separated the two hallways.

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We had our first date right downstairs of our building at the Wine Loft where he picked me up at my door, only 10 doors away ( I still laugh at this). We bonded over our love for the outdoors, sports, summer concerts, dancing, and dogs in which we adopted our very first rescue dog, Bailey. Our awesome trio has never stopped adventuring together since. To this day my family is dissapointed that we didn’t just happen to meet there in the elevator but instead on a dating app. Kent hasn’t lived it down yet, but they still adore him!

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How They Asked

The beginning of the story actually plays out to almost a little over a year ago (July 2019) when Kent and I received the opportunity to model for his friend from works sister, Courtney, who is a photographer. She was doing an elopement styled wedding shoot down in Cape May, NJ and apparently, her original models could no longer make the photoshoot. Courtney’s sister, who both Kent and I are friends with told her about us and sent her a picture. She then contacted us about being models for her shoot. It was purely beautiful and I told Courtney that if ever you need models we would gladly do it again! It felt nice being out of scrubs and out of the hospital having someone style you and dress you up for a change!

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Now, flashforward to September 2020. Courtney reached out to me again and asked us if Kent and I would model for her in another styled shoot for micro weddings since it’s the new trend right now due to COVID. I told Kent about the shoot and he was pretty excited to do it again and said it would be fun to have some last pictures taken before we were PCOS’ed to Georgia for his last 4 years in the army. The photographer, Courtney, told me it was on a Thursday.

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It’s been very busy at the hospital lately and I told her as well as my boyfriend at the time that I may have trouble getting off of work but that I would try and figure out away. Thursday approaches and I was able to find coverage, however, it was a rainy day and Courtney had contacted me saying the shoot would be postponed to Saturday because they didn’t want to damage the rugs and floral arrangements.

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I was also told that hair and makeup from the team Labelle Visage in Woodbridge would be coming to my house and that it’s now going to be at a new venue in Furlong, Pennsylvania called Artefact Architectural Antiques. Saturday then comes around, hair and makeup finishes and we are then on our way to the antique shop. I was excited because the area looked beautiful!

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When we arrived we went to the back of the shop where we were met by a beautiful courtyard with rustic antiques at all different intimate spots in the yard. There were arches with Edison bulb lights which were my absolute favorite along with this beautiful walkway that the photographer, Courtney, as well as Bianca and Connie, the florists, designed. The walkway was lined with these beautiful rugs and sunflowers and pampas’, and was met at the end with a boho-chic styled arbor archway.

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It was pure magic and I was a little nervous because I do not consider myself a model or do this kind of thing often! So I didn’t want the pictures to look bad at such a beautifully styled venue! Courtney then had both Kent and I dress in our first outfits. I was in a beautiful lace long-sleeved wedding dress. And kent in khaki pants and a white button-up. Everyone was really excited about how it all looked and came together. After about a half-hour or so of pictures.

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I was given a second dress to try on and Kent was told to change into his other outfit as well. As I was still getting dressed, Courtney told me they wanted to take Kent to get pictures of just him first, since they had already taken pictures of just me. After a little bit, I walked out from where I was changing and I turned the corner. To my surprise, I stood dead in my tracks for a brief moment as I turned and then continued to walk. What was waiting for me at the end of the courtyard walkway was Kent?

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He was standing in front of the arbor archway only this time there was a beautiful neon sign hanging on it that said: “Marry Me”. I kept walking toward him smiling and pointing at him because I was also a little uncertain. My head was saying “is this a part of the photoshoot?” And at the end when I reached him I blurted out “this isn’t for me is it”?! But I soon came to find out that it surely was when he got down on one knee and out came the ring and he asked me to marry him.

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I was still so shocked I forgot to answer him right away! I kissed him and I was laughing with him I even blurted out the words “finally!!” And then I eventually said “sorry, heck yes!” It was a pure dream. He even hid our “Danner” hiking boots in the trunk of the car on the way up so we could take engagement pictures with them on since hiking and being outdoors is a big part of our lifestyle! Image 21 of Courtney and Kent

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Apparently, Kent had come to Courtney a few months in advance to plan this with him. I had no idea. In no way shape or form did he ever get nervous or did I expect anything, especially when I said I may not be able to do it because of work! It was flawless and a complete surprise and everyone was in on it! From the hair and makeup team, to the florists! And now I have lasting memories and videos of our engagement! Kent, Courtney, Bianca, Connie, and the team at Label visage really made this night one remember and I am eternally grateful!

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Special Thanks

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