Courtney and Kenny

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How We Met

Kenny and I met while we were in college. We met on one of those dating apps that I joined after a breakup to try and just get over everything. I just wanted to be single and have fun! We went on a first date and it was so awkward. We never had met before and were trying something new. But, even after the date, I gave him another chance and went to a comedy show with him. It was then that I realized how much I liked him. We dated all through college and through graduation. Afterwards, we tried to keep the relationship going but it was very difficult since we lived almost 2 hours away and didn’t see much of each other at all. We kept it going though and eventually moved in together!

how they asked

I had been dropping hints for a while, because that’s just my personality. On Christmas morning, we woke up early since we had to go to both mine and his houses that day. He gave me a kiss and said “let’s make this the most forgettable and mediocre Christmas ever!”. I honestly believed him. We went out and started opening gifts with his mom and sister. Towards the back of the tree, there was a huge box and no one was touching it or even mentioning it. By the time we were done with all the presents, I just had noticed the box had my name on it. He handed it to me and had me open it then. Inside, was tons and tons of other boxes. It was a huge joke between us to always wrap up all our gifts in a bunch of boxes. So, it wasn’t surprising at all and was actually really funny. When I got to the last box, there was a ring inside and he was down on one knee! Of course, I said yes!

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