Courtney and Keith

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How We Met

We met during August of our sophomore year of college at Texas Tech at a mutual friend’s house. There was a small get together going on and as I (Courtney) was sitting next to the fireplace, Keith came and sat down next to me. While everyone else was mingling, we spent hours talking like we had known each other our entire lives. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Our anniversary was approaching and Keith told me he had planned a surprise road trip for us for the weekend. A day before we were supposed to leave Keith said he wanted to take me to dinner to celebrate 6 years together. I met Keith at his house before our date – where he had a present waiting for me. When I opened the gift, it was an English to Italian translation book. I asked him if this meant we were going to Italy and Keith nodded yes. I said, “When, in a few months?!” and Keith told me we would be leaving in two days. Keith is Italian, and we had talked about going to Italy together for years, so I was the most excited!

A few days later we got on a plane to Rome and spent the entire next day exploring. Day 2 of our trip we went to the Amalfi Coast and had the greatest day exploring Positano. Keith told me we had an activity and then dinner plans in the evening and I honestly did not think much of it, Keith had something planned every 30 minutes of our trip so far.

Since I had no idea what we were doing, I kept asking Keith what I should wear. He wasn’t giving me much direction so I finally asked him to pick out what I should wear for the night. I now always joke that of course, Keith picked the red dress I wore when we got engaged (he is obsessed with Texas Tech, whose color is red).

We walked down the windy streets of Positano to the beach. After getting there Keith told me we were going on a group sunset cruise. The ocean is my absolute favorite place in the entire world (I was born + raised in California) and was so happy!

Little did I know this was actually a private cruise Keith had arranged and everyone, down to the people who checked us in on the dock, were all in on the surprise and acting like they were tourists. I am still impressed with how normal everyone acted!

We had been on the boat for around 15 minutes and the captain said if we wanted to get pictures with Positano in the background, we had to do it soon because the sun was setting. I got up and was all ready to take pictures and before I knew it, Keith was on one knee and the other people on our “group cruise” were snapping pictures of us – Keith had hired them to photograph the entire moment. The boat was rocking all over the place but it could not have kept the moment more true to our personalities + relationship. We were laughing together and smiling throughout the entire proposal.

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After Keith proposed I felt like I was in a dream land and slightly unconscious. I just kept looking at him and laughing because I was so happy. We cruised around the Tyrrhenian Sea watching the sunset, drank Italian Prosecco and had the absolute time of our lives!

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