Courtney and Justin

Proposal Ideas Birmingham, AL

How We Met

Thanks to modern technology Justin and I met by chance while swiping right on Tinder. He lives in Michigan and was in Birmingham, AL visiting family. Justin sent me a message asking “On a scale of one to America, how free are you this weekend?” Despite my reply of “North Korea” we met up two days later at a gourmet hot dog restaurant in town called Hot Diggity Dog. Our connection was immediate and three months later I moved to Michigan and never looked back!

how they asked

We were visiting Birmingham, AL and staying with Justin’s parents. Justin LOVES astronomy and all things space related so he was excited to use his dad’s fancy telescope to look at the stars and planets. On our way home from dinner, Justin used my lack of space knowledge to his advantage and suggested we try out the telescope even though it was super cloudy. His parents were outside with us as Justin was setting everything up, I looked through the telescope and it was absolutely pitch black. I thought, “you can’t see anything!” Once he had everything ready, Justin told me to look through the telescope and when I did, I saw his message asking me to marry him!

I immediately started sobbing, making it impossible for me to actually say yes. Through my tears, I think I was able to squeak out a yes. His parents had champagne ready and we drank bubbly while celebrating and letting all our loved ones know the great news!

Courtney and Justin's Engagement in Birmingham, AL