Courtney and Jourdan

How We Met

I have known Jourdan since we were kids. We met when we were nine years old at our church. We both have attended there for over 20 years. He has always been my friend since then. In 2009, we graduated from high school. I went away to Grambling State University and he stayed home and went to Flordia Atlantic University. In 2014, after I graduated, I came back home and ran into Jourdan after church service.

We started working together in different ministries and spending all of our time together. I began to have feelings for him, but I was scared to tell him. We developed a fantastic friendship that I didn’t want to mess up. So I decided to pray and ask God if I should pursue him.

On January 31, 2016, I asked Jourdan to meet me at Panera Bread. I told him I needed advice on how to tell someone that you like them. He had no idea that I was getting ready to say to him. So, I told him that I was crushing on him, so I prayed about it, and God led me to him. To my surprise, Jourdan told me that he was praying to God about me. He had been praying clarity about me.

Jourdan is one of the most patient, kind, and loving people I have ever met. We have been together ever since! I love him to the moon and back.

How They Asked

Over the years, I told Jourdan I would love to do a couple’s photoshoot. One of the places I had dreamed of shooting at was Vizcaya Museum and gardens. I had personally experienced my “sweet 16” shoot there. The venue has a fairy tale feel and I felt like a princess there.

One day, he told me one of the things he wanted experience was a birthday/couple photoshoot. At this time in my life, my grandmother was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. I always spent every weekend with her. My whole family told me to take this weekend and have a good time.

I asked Jourdan a million questions, but he didn’t budge. The only instructions he gave me were to get dolled up. Freaking out, I told my soon to be sister in law, and she took me shopping. I went to Camille La Vie and tried on so many dresses until I found one.
On Sunday, December 16th, he picked me up and surprised me at Vizcaya. I thought oh my goodness maybe this could be the “special day where he would propose” but then I was like, “Nah.”

I kind of always thought he more than likely propose at Disney World or one of our favorite spots to hang out. We took pictures for about an hour, and I figured that the surprise was over, since we had been shooting for quite some time. We went to one of the garden gazeboes And Frank, one of the photographers, told me to look up. I looked up. He counted to three. When he got to three, I looked down and Jourdan was down on one knee. He said, “Will you marry me?”

I said “yes.” I had no idea it would happen. My photographers said “congratulations”, and we finished our mini engagement session. December 16th, 2018 is one of the best days of my life! I SAID YES!!!

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