Courtney and Jonathan

How We Met: Jonathan and I met when I started out as an intern at our now current workplace. I was  being shown around the office and introduced to my soon-to-be coworkers when I was then brought to Jonathan’s desk. When we were introduced he nearly fell out of his chair. After we were introduced, we carried out the introductory process to the rest of the office.


Week by week would go by and I would politely ask Jonathan to move boxes (which were empty) and other simple, but manly tasks that I just “couldn’t” do myself. I thought to myself “Take a hint!” Finally after weeks of what I will call “attempted flirting” I built up the nerve to ask him out to drinks – he then suggested dinner…the rest is history!

how they asked: After Jonathan first fell out of his chair at work after being introduced, I knew we were meant to be together. We are both self-proclaimed goofballs, so when I told him if he ever decided to propose, he had to ask me as soon as I woke up – morning breath and all – and that would be how I knew he really loved me…Never in a million years did I think that THAT would happen. Friday morning I was awoken by my dog who now lives with my parents because I travel so much for work; so of course this was strange to me and I was a little bewildered after just waking up.

Lily then jumps down from the bed and goes into the living room where I see Jonathan with flowers and he tells me to sit down and places Lily on my lap. He said “Aren’t you happy to see her?” Of course I am, until I see something sparkle underneath her fur. Of course I jump back thinking “THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!?”


Jonathan then took the ring off of Lily’s collar and got down on one knee.