Courtney and Jonathan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ferry to Bainbridge Island

How We Met

Jon & I met on a bumble date at a popular Seattle rooftop bar, Mbar. Both of us having been on a magnitude of bad dates instantly hit it off and ended up staying for “a drink” for 3+ hours and closing the bar down talking. We were both Seattle transplants who grew up in small towns in Idaho and Oregon and went to somewhat of rival colleges. When I met Jon, I had just gotten back into the US after taking a year off from working and was trying to find my place in Seattle.

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I was working a low paying contract position at a great company and also working part-time at a retail store to make rent and be able to eat. Jon was also at a crossroad trying to transition his career. A lot of our dates involved us talking about future goals and dreams we had for ourselves. Fast forward 2 years and Jon has moved into a new career path, I doubled my salary and quit the side gig, we ran a marathon, AND we bought a house in Seattle. We’ve always been aligned with what we’ve wanted in life and pushed each other to get there!

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How They Asked

Jon planned a day trip to Bainbridge Island for us to go wine tasting to celebrate us closing our first home. Earlier he had told me that we would have to wait a year to get married because we needed to put money towards the down payment and any repairs. When we got on the ferry I told Jon that I wanted to get a coffee and he started acting all off and talking about how horrible the ferry coffee is and how he knew a cute coffee shop we could go to, right when we got off the boat. We decided to go out to the deck and take photos. There was a couple in front of us taking photos and I whispered to Jon “how funny would it be if he proposed?” He ran us out to the middle of the dock to take pictures of the city skyline. I turned around to take a selfie of us and Jon grabbed my phone put it in his pocket and then got down on one knee.

Courtney's Proposal in Ferry to Bainbridge Island

Little did I know our friend and roommate had snuck onto the ferry behind us and was on the upper deck taking photos of the whole proposal. Also, another kind couple waiting to take a photo snapped some for us as well. I rode the rest of the ferry ride in newly engaged bliss.

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Right as the ferry was docking Jon had to run to the bathroom so we ended up being the last one’s off (giving time for Amanda to sneak off the ferry). When we got off the ferry a huge group of our friends were waiting at the end with signs to congratulate us. They all took the ferry the hour before to surprise us. We ended up touring the different wineries on the island and got to celebrate with some of our friends (right before the stay at home order started).

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