Courtney and Jesse

How We Met

Jesse and I met during orientation of physical therapy school. Our class was partaking in an “icebreaker” exercise to help with bonding and teamwork. They split our class up into two teams and Jesse and I just so happen to be on the same team. Not thinking anyone was listening, I said: “We’re going to win the race”. At that moment, Jesse turned to me and asked if I just quoted Rat Race, which in fact I had. From there, Jesse became my “study buddy”.

how they asked

Jesse and I recently graduated from physical therapy school in May of 2018 and to celebrate we embarked on a 3-week road trip around the southwest. We visited 10 National Parks and Zion was one of those. When we got to Zion, we were super pumped to do the Narrows hike on the Virgin River and Angels Landing hike. Naturally, I was way nervous to do Angel’s Landing hike after reading about it. It’s a 2.5-mile hike with a 1,500-foot elevation and the last half mile includes scaling a ridge line with chains that are bolted into the cliff slide to hold onto (uhh, yes you read that correctly). Before even embarking on our hike, I told Jesse that if I get too scared to not force me to finish. His reply was “No, we have to finish”. That was obviously because he had a bigger agenda to fulfill. So we decided to go later in the day to avoid people, which was smart on our part because who wants to share a steep cliff with other people, but on the way up Jesse kept saying “I hope people are up there to take our picture”.

Courtney and Jesse's Engagement in Angels Landing at Zion National Park

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Angels Landing at Zion National Park

Meanwhile, I’m thinking it’s no big deal. We’ve been taking selfies the whole trip so far what difference will it make now? After finally making it to the top, just a handful of people were up there. As I was relaxing enjoying the stellar views, Jesse was a little anxious to get our pictures taken so I obliged and we asked a group of girls to take our picture with our GoPro and our phone. After a few snaps, Jesse starting fumbling with his back pocket and next thing I know, he’s on one knee.