Courtney and Jesse

How We Met

We met over 5 years ago at a lounge where we are currently living. I was bartending that night and he wandered in with a friend and sat at my bar. The moment I saw him, I just knew he was the one. After that night I noticed he started to come around more often and asked to be served by me and only me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

Finally, after a few weeks of Jesse visiting me at work, a Halloween event was coming up and I gathered up the courage to ask for his number because surprisingly enough he never asked for my number. –BUT I knew he was interested in me! lol (Usually it’s the other way around when working in a lounge or bar ) It just goes to show that he was truly a real gentleman and was very respectful.– And I absolutely loved that about him!

How They Asked

Hey everyone! Jesse here! Courtney thought it would be best if I tell the rest of the story so here it goes!

We took a trip to Disneyland in February of this year with my mom, dad, and 5-year-old nephew. This trip happened to be around Valentine’s day (which was not intentional) and I thought that it would be the perfect time and place to pop the question! I had picked out the ring a few months earlier but I had no clue how I was going to propose. Then this opportunity of going to Disneyland with my parents came up so I thought it was perfect timing!

Courtney's Proposal in Disneyland

I was trying to figure out where the best place would be to propose to Courtney in Disneyland. I went online and found some romantic places that would work perfectly. I took the ring with me on this vacation which was VERY STRESSFUL because I was constantly making sure the ring was still there and trying not to draw any attention to myself as I didn’t want Courtney to get suspicious. So the first day at Disneyland my plan was to propose in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle but when we got there it was closed for refurbishment and there was scaffolding everywhere and just a large drawing covering it all up. Not cool!

I was really looking forward to proposing there but after all, we were in Disneyland so I knew it was going to be magical where ever I decide to pop the question. So the second day we went to Disney California Adventure Park. I knew there was a large Ferris wheel that we could go to and would be a good place. It was raining that morning when we were walking through all the lands of DCA. I thought if I had to propose while it was raining and while I was wearing my bright blue poncho I was going to do it!

It took us till the afternoon to make our way to Pixar Pier and by then it stopped raining thankfully! Courtney asked if we could take a picture in front of the Ferris wheel and then I knew that this was the right moment! As we got closer to the area where we wanted to take pictures, we noticed the area was roped off. Courtney was discouraged but I said we should just sneak in quick to get the picture and then leave. So we did! We found the best spot right in front of the Ferris wheel. I told my mom to make it look like she was taking a picture but I told her secretly to record a video. As we were posing for the ‘picture’ two Disney workers came to most likely tell us that we weren’t allowed to be in the area. My mom told them what was happening and they left us alone, and I just turned to Courtney and at that moment I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. Of course, she said YES! I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal! Everything worked out perfectly! I am so happy that she agreed to go through this crazy life with me. — Jesse Ellert