Courtney and Jeremy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Niagara Falls, NY

How We Met

We’ve been dating for a little over 2 years when Jeremy proposed.

How They Asked

I knew he bought the ring (as I picked it out, better safe than sorry ). We were close with Jeremy’s grandmother, and she was getting sick as the days went on. New Year’s Eve of 2018 comes around and we had nothing planned. We spend the day with Nan, nothing out of the usual for a Sunday. Out of spontaneity at 9 pm, we went to Niagara Falls, NY (Clifton Hills). Keep in mind it was in the negatives for the temperature, and we were outside the whole night.

After a romantic stroll under the Christmas lights, and watching the horseshoe falls, we walked over to find a spot for the firework show. Soon after we get flooded with people around us, and get too crowded. As soon as the fireworks finished, we start walking back to the bridge when Jeremy walks me down to the edge by the water and has a stranger take a picture of us, and he proposes!

While this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. He proposed with the American Falls in the background, where our first date was in July of 2015. Also, Nan was proposed to by her sweetheart on New Year’s Eve when they were young. He wanted to honor Nan and Papa Jim in a way because they were so important to us.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Niagara Falls, NY

The following day when we told Nan she cried her eyes out as she was thankful we thought of her and her Jimmy, and even Jeremy’s mother cried because she knew the importance of that day to her Mom! We had 10/18/2020 set as our wedding day, not realizing it was Nana’s birthday! Due to the leap year, we had to move it to 10/10/2020. We lost Nan soon after the proposal but know she’s with us every step of the way.