Courtney and Jaydon

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How We Met

We met in grade 9 – for me (Courtney) it was love at first sight. I saw him and I knew I wanted to be with him, it took him a few years to realize he wanted to be with me too. We became really great friends throughout school and then eventually we starting talking more and more and one night at a party, he held my hand to help me through the dark, that’s where it all started. We fell in love very fast (I already loved him before we got together). He asked my parents for permission to date me on my 18th birthday and 3 years later we are still madly in love and talked about getting married and spending forever together.

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how they asked

He got me 2 days off of work without me knowing and said he had a early birthday surprise weekend planned. We went out to our favorite breakfast place then went ice skating because that’s a birthday tradition then he said he had “tickets” to something that night. He packed the best picnic ever and took me to our favorite beach. We had our picnic and told me he wanted to take a photo of me looking out towards the water to post on my birthday. I looked out and he told me he was done I then turned around and he was on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I cried… a lot and said YES!!! He then told me he had another present for me after we hugged and put the ring on and had a moment. He gave me my favorite Harry Potter book and told me to stay while he got something (order of Phoenix) and inside was a cut out and inside the cut out was a dog tag that read ‘Henry’ I then read the text below the tag that said “I love you so much and I know Henry will too” when i finished reading the message in the book, I turned around and saw my brother pass this beautiful Newfoundland puppy to my fiance Jaydon with a red bow on it.

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I cried and cried and cried a little more and dropped to the ground. I ran over to my new family and them my cousin and her fiance come out of the bushes with cameras to congratulate us. We then did our engagement shoot in our favorite place and now have this beautiful video to watch back on. He had both our families meet us at home with champagne and our favorite foods to celebrate our new beginning. The most perfect day ever!!!!!

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