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How We Met

The date was January 14, 2016. Our first meeting was unexpected and typical of average college students; we met at the local bar in Murfreesboro, TN, Gentlemen Jim’s. I was finishing up my last semester of college at MTSU and Jay was in nursing school. What I thought would just be a fun night out with friends, turned into much more when Jay asked me on our first date two weeks later. I actually canceled on Jay (sorry!), the first time we were supposed to go out! You could say I was a little nervous , and he never lets me live it down that I used the excuse that the roads were too icy. We finally went on our first date a week later where he took me to Marina’s on the Square in Murfreesboro. He was the perfect gentlemen and it was the typical, nervous first date. The night ended with our first kiss, and from that night on we became inseparable. From the time of meeting Jay, I knew that I would be moving to Orlando, Fl to work at Disney after I graduated. Because of this, I was very wary of jumping into a relationship when I knew I would be leaving in a couple months. However, Jay was resilient in his efforts to ensure that we would be together. And he succeeded; March 3, 2016 we officially became a couple. So, from May 2016 to December 2016, we spent 685 miles apart.

how they asked

After spending 8 months apart while I worked at Disney World, the time came where I was finally about to move back to Nashville. Jay went down to visit in December after his finals had ended to spend a week at Disney with me before we moved all my stuff back and into our new home together. Little did I know that on Sunday, December 11, 2016, we wouldn’t be moving back as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as fiancé’s. Jay took us to one of the more extravagant restaurants on Disney property, Disney’s California Grill on top of the Contemporary Resort. We had champagne and a wonderful meal. All before Jay proceeded to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together…… I SAID YES!

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