Courtney and Jared | Southern Gentleman Proposal

How we met: Jared and I were introduced to one another on a blind date through a mutual friend. While on the date, we never stopped talking; there was never a moment of silence between the two of us. He was the southern gentleman I had always dreamt of and he had finally walked into my life. From then on we were inseparable, not a moment went by without a thought of him running through my mind. The first moment I met him I knew he was different from all the rest, since then I never wanted to spend a day without him. He is the love of my life! Till my last day.

how they asked: On November 25, 2012, we were suppose to have family pictures made. The plan was to meet on some of Seth’s land around four that afternoon to take pictures. As it got closer to four Seth decided he needed gas, which to me didn’t make since because it had plenty. I assumed it was a guy thing and didn’t think to much about it. After we filled up his truck, he blind folded me and told me he had a surprise. At this point I didn’t think to much of it until he said SURPRISE!!

As we pulled up to our destination I kept asking tons of questions. He opened the door and helped me out of his truck. Then I felt his mother’s cold hands touch my arms directing me to a specific position. She took the blind fold off of my eyes, and there was our whole family. I looked up and saw a row of signs that were being held by our fathers. At first I didn’t pay attention, then I looked at the signs. They read ” WILL YOU MARRY” and Seth was down on one knee with a sign that said “ME?”.

Then i realized that my fairytale had came true. You can see in some of the pictures how the emotions started flowing. It was honestly one of the most amazing days of my life. I can’t wait to spend forever with him!!