Courtney and Jared

Courtney and Jared's Engagement in Potato Mountain, Claremont, CA

How We Met

Jared and I met on a co-ed softball team. He was the new guy on the team and showed up last minute for our first game. I needed someone to warm up with. He didn’t (yet) know that I rarely can control where I throw the ball so he was willing. We started dating after a few months and I could have sworn that he talked to my friends and was acting like my dream man. Turns out he really just is my dream man! I wrote him this poem to read on the plane ride for a work trip that he had that summarizes our relationship well.

“Jared is my boyfriend.

Yes it’s true.

He is tall and manly.

Sometimes his eyes are blue.

I like his body.

I like his beard.

He thinks I’m beautiful

But also a little weird.

It took me awhile to accept our love

I know now that he is the one.

We sing, we dance,

And have so much fun!

He takes care of me

And is my favorite friend.

He is the best person

I want to be with him to the end.

He is direct.

Tells me that I am his love.

I hope I bring him peace.

I believe he is a gift from above.

Sometimes we kiss a lot.

Then I feel like sinner.

We go for walks, play softball,

Usually I cook dinner.

Chips and hugs

He gives me when I’m sad.

He loves his dog Guinness.

My mom said he will be a good dad.

Ice cream is his favorite.

Baseball is his sport.

He works for the government.

I like when he calls me Court.

Maybe if I’m lucky

I’ll get to be his wife

How wonderful would that be

To torture him for life?!?!?

And now we are engaged and I will get to kiss (and torture) him all time!”

how they asked

After 6 months of dating (I’m 32 and have been in the dating game for far too long so ya, 6 months) Jared and I trekked from our homes in Virginia to southern California so that I could meet his family. The week before my parents had come to town and I was certain (because no one was acting weird) that Jared didn’t talk to my parents about a marriage. By our trip I was at peace with it and didn’t expect a proposal. Months ago I had told Jared that in general I would prefer to meet my future husband’s family before getting engaged out of respect. Roughly 24 hours after his parents picked up us from the airport we hiked up Potato Mountain. (This was really the only activity that we had planned for the week which was fine with me but I should have seen that as a red flag. His parents live my LA! So much to do. Before our hike we got donuts at Upland Donuts (I have heard so much about these from Jared!). The hike was great and we chatted like we normally do (my word count 10 for his every 1.) I asked him why it was called Potatoe Mountain. “You’ll see.” was his response. At the top there were only other 2 women and the view was amazing. I commented that on the cement pad there looked to be a dead bird and that it was really gross. The closer we got I realized that actually people decorated potatoes and left them there (wasn’t a dead bird but a feathered potatoe.) Jared handed me a blank potatoe and I complained because it wasn’t decorated. I set it down and then he gave me another. When I set this one down it said, “Courtney will you marry me?” I turned back to him and he was on one knee! So sweet! After we did our thing I asked (commanded?) Jared to request that the 2 women take our picture. Then I realized that one was already taking our picture (with a fancy camera) and the other a video! His aunt is a professional photographer and she hiked with her bff hiked up at the crack of dawn to capture our special moment. We then proceeded to a full on photo shoot complete with champagne and rose petals. I even handle how much I love those pictures. I seriously consider sharing them with strangers sometimes. Never would I have thought that potatoes would have been part of our engagement story but I loved every second and will never see a potatoe without remembering the best day! Oh and he did talk to my parents – apparently it was a tear fest.

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