Courtney and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I met in 7th grade! So we have known each other for almost 13 years! We became friends when we rode the same bus that year. We were always friends in high school and finally started dating during our senior year. Before we both left for college we decided to go our separate ways because I was going to Ohio State and he was going to school in North Carolina. Fast forward to our Junior year of college and we reunited at a friend’s party over winter break. I convinced him to come to my sorority formal that year and the rest is history! We think that we are proof that whatever is meant to be, will always find its way! The picture is from our senior Prom in 2013!

Courtney's Proposal in London, England

How They Asked

For Christmas 2018 Jake surprised me with a trip to London for the following September! Jake knew that London is my favorite city and that I had been DYING to go back since I studied abroad there. In the months leading up, we were so excited and started planning out the specifics of our trip. Jake came to me one day and was so proud that he had planned a whole day of activities while we were there. I initially did think this was a little suspicious since he can be somewhat of a last-minute planner! Little did I know that would be the day he proposed! In the week leading up to our trip, Jake told me his plans for our first full day there, we were going to tour Buckingham Palace and spend the day going to museums.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in London, England

After the museums, he told me he wanted to walk through St. James’s Park and go to dinner in Covent Garden. When it came time for this walk to dinner I could tell he was acting a little weird but I thought nothing of it. We got to this bridge and Jake announced he wanted to look at the view of the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. I was ready to be done walking because I was hungry and it had just started sprinkling! While on the bridge Jake tells me “look at that duck” and next thing I know I turn around and he’s down on one knee! I was so surprised and it was such a special moment. I later learned he had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and she took us around the park and Buckingham Palace for pictures. I’m still so impressed that he planned the whole moment and he even designed my ring with the help of a local jeweler!

Special Thanks

Aurélie Four
 | Photographer