Courtney and Jack

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Clearwater beach, Fl

Jack and I grew up about 400 miles away from each other. Him in Pennsylvania and myself in Ohio. We didn’t meet until I was 21 and living in an apartment in college. My friend had recently started working with the football team as an athletic trainer and knew all of our neighbors for that reason. Shortly after I met all 4 boys, Jack had his 21st birthday and we all went to dinner. I bought his first drink as well as his dinner and the two of us couldn’t stop talking. That weekend while out at some bars a guy was hitting on me and I was clearly uninterested. Jack took my hand and told him I was taken. He continued to hold my hand the rest of the way to the car even though we were no where near that guy anymore and we have been inseparable since. Fast forward 3 years and we have moved down to Florida and on a random weekend beach trip a week before my birthday Jack asked a stranger to take our picture and after a regular picture he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!

Proposal Ideas Clearwater beach, Fl