Courtney and Isaac

How We Met

I transferred to the University of Tennessee my sophomore year of college (august 2012), I was living with random roommates and the first night I was moving in and they had some friends over. They introduced me to all the people who were over and Isaac (my now fiance) was one of the people there. He seemed a little stand offish and not super friendly and for some reason he intimidated me (not something I usually felt when I met new people). The next night the same group of people came over again and we all hung out. I immediately felt attracted to Isaac, which was weird because it usually took me a long time to start liking a guy. We hit it off immediately and started hanging out all the time and I had a feeling that I had found the one! We went on our first date about a week after we met and then officially started dating a few weeks after that. We dated for about a year and then broke up for a little bit while I studied abroad in Italy. The day I got back we started dating again and dated for a year and a half before he popped the question! We have gone through so much together and I love him a little more each and every day!

how they asked

We graduated from the University of Tennessee together in December 2014 and moved the Nashville right after. We had talked about getting engaged various times during our last semester in college together but I still had no idea when it was going to happen, but I was hoping it would be soon! January passed, no ring. February passed, no ring. Then it was March and not to sound pushy but I was ready to get engaged! I knew we were going to be together forever and I was so ready to take the next step and be engaged (typical girl)! We had a long talk on March 5 (I remember it vividly) and I may have kind of hinted that I really wanted to be engaged. Hahah. But I didn’t really think anything else of it and figured he would do it in his own time and it didn’t get brought up again after that.

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So fast forward a week and a half to March 15. It was a Sunday morning, it was the first day in a week that it wasn’t rainy so he suggested we go to the park and then go grab something to eat. So when I think about going to the park I think about casual clothes, so I started to put on nike shorts and a t-shirt and then he saw me and told me I should put something nicer on and that we would go to a nice restaurant for brunch. I was excited about brunch but not super thrilled I had to get dressed up, I was pretty tired from our weekend activities (my best friend had been in town and we didn’t get much sleep). So I proceeded to change and then he asked me if I was going to shower before we went which kind of annoyed me (was he trying to tell me I smelled?), and I told him that would take too much time and I was really hungry. Then I told him I was ready and he asked if I was going to put on make up or do my hair (and I was thinking what the heck?!) and I told him no I just wanted to go. Then he said he needed to go print something in the lounge (which he was actually writing out the poem he was going to use to propose) so I sat there and waited for him to come back, getting a little irritated as time went on because I was so hungry. He finally says he is ready and we get in the car and start driving, I figured since we were going to a nicer brunch we were going to skip the park so as we start I realized we were going towards the park! Ah! I was so hungry and annoyed by the whole situation, and told him I was so hungry and didn’t want to go to the park and he told me he just wanted to go walk around for a little while and then he PROMISED we would go eat. So we get to the park and he parks the car and we get out and start to walk around (we are at Centennial Park in Nashville where they have a parthenon). We walk to the parthenon and sit down on the front stairs.

He wasn’t really talking and I just wanted to go eat so I didn’t really think about the fact he might be nervous (SINCE HE WAS ABOUT TO PROPOSE). We sit there for awhile and then he stands up and stands in front of me and talks to me a little bit and then he pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and his hands were shaking and started to figure out what was going on!! He read me the sweetest poem that he had written just for me (my dad proposed to my mom with a poem so that was really special that he wrote me a poem as well), and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the MOST PERFECT RING I HAD EVER SEEN!!!!

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Right after that I look over and see that one of his good friends was there taking pictures and that a crowd had gathered around to watch. His friend, Jordan, yelled “She said yes!” and all the people watching started clapping. I was so happy and surprised!! Which I hate surprises and usually figure things out before someone has a chance to surprise me so I was so happy that he had been able to surprise me!! It was such a great day and looking back on it I feel bad I was so unpleasant that morning but it all worked out!

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