Courtney and Freddie

How We Met

I knew Freddie for years – at any point you can say that’s when our story started. I think how you view your own love story is like staring at stained glass windows. There’s so much color and light that you chose the one that moves you the most.
I remember coming to his house a mid-June day. I had a blue dress on and he said my eyes were beautiful. As a child they were bright blue but as I aged, they became blue-green. It seemed, that year, my eyes were seen by others as “gray” or “moody blue” or “stormy blue”. This frightened me. I felt the hurricane inside me, all the waves and broken glass were crashing through my eyes, telling my story. We were friends. I dyed my hair pink and went to Providence with him to see his favorite Jam band. I’d hang out with him on Fridays and drink and laugh. I remember hanging out on his front porch on the weekends, the sun burning my eyes. We’d talk about art, music, cell phones. He’d say I needed to listen to Wilco. I said the fact he didn’t want breakfast was bizarre.
Over time Fridays faded into normal Tuesdays, watching television and getting frozen yogurt. I liked him, his vibe. I think it surprised Freddie that we were getting close. On Halloween we started dating.
I wrote a lot about the heartache and the struggle we went through not even 6 months into dating. That’s what writers do, they write through the pain. There were days, I swear, I cried every day in your bed. We both know why. It was a long winter and eventually we got back together. I can write essays on each argument, but why? In the Instagram world everyone is filtered, have beautiful houses, sunlit wedding photos with gorgeous bouquets and clasped hands. We all know that there’s a million stories that are behind each photo. I like seeing our photographs, knowing we worked hard for the joy behind each one. It all started with magic hats and jam bands. Blue dresses and your front porch. That’s the prism I look through. And I love it.

how they asked

In the beginning of November we went hiking. It was beautiful, so many scarlet red and veiny yellow leaves were tumbling down like ballerinas. I picked up a beautiful yellow leaf to take a picture and he slipped the ring on my finger and proposed. I said yes in the middle of Autumn – just us and the gorgeous foliage.

Image 1 of Courtney and Freddie