Courtney and Evan

How We Met

Like fireworks, bonfires, and temperature, our romance began in summer, and a few years later he popped the question anther hot summer night. Evan and I met through mutual friends, and we have always been a bit of a hot mess, but we finally got it right. He has a great love of the outdoors that he shared with me, he has taught me so many things. I have a great love of cooking and baking that is suited perfectly by his never ending appetite. We have been living together for the past year and some change in our perfect home in New Kent County Virginia.

Proposal Ideas The Filmore at Silver Springs, Maryland

Where to Propose in The Filmore at Silver Springs, Maryland

Courtney and Evan's Engagement in The Filmore at Silver Springs, Maryland

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One thing that is certain is that we share a love of country music, sometimes we get in playful arguments over who found a new song or artist first. My summer weekends are filled with concerts, it is something that I look forward to all year. It is also something that I used to share with my mom, who passed away July 2016. She took me to my first concert as a toddler, and that was all it took, I was hooked. Evan is a little less extroverted than I am, so a huge crowd isn’t very appealing to him, especially in the summer heat, but often times I drag him along to the concerts, where he spends the majority of the time snickering at my total lack of coordination in my dance moves. So June 9th 2017 we both got off work early and headed out to Silver Springs Maryland to attend a Cody Johnson concert at The Filmore.

Evan was late getting back home from work, and I later found out it was because he was picking up the ring from his grandparent’s house where he had kept safe and successfully hidden from me. However since we got on the road late we were stuck in traffic, and I was freaking out, we had been looking forward to this show for so long! What would have normally been a two and half hour drive stretched out into over four hours, as the time started to really scare me I decided that I would just have to get ready in the car, so little did I know but interstate I did my hair and make up and got dressed in the outfit I was going to have the happiest moment of my life in. We had early access tickets to the concert so we went straight in and had some appetizers and drinks and struck up a conversation with two other couples our age who were also in the early access area.

Once the doors opened we ended up being in front of the crowd right at the center of the stage, I was already thinking this night is going to be amazing, but there was so much more in store for me. The two girls from the other couples and I went to the bathroom, and in the meantime Evan recruited the guys and other people around us in the crowd into his plan. When Cody John played “Diamond in my Pocket”, a song about proposing, Evan asked them to be recording and ready to take pictures because he intended to propose to me! When we got back from the bathroom and the show started I was so excited, everyone was having a great time.

When the song came on I was singing along, dancing with my head laying on his shoulder, then I get a tap on my shoulder, as I turn around Evan is down on one knee with the ring in his hand, and I don’t remember hearing a sound, the whole room went silent to me, all I could see was him. I also never actually replied, I just pulled up him and kissed him.

Everyone around was cheering and congratulating us, it was so perfect. Never did I think my shy, mild mannered boyfriend would become my boyfriend in front of hundreds of people. After the concert Cody Johnson signed the set list and wrote congratulations, so we will always have that to be part of our memories. I couldn’t have scripted a better night, the stars were aligned perfectly, and our forever began.

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