Courtney and Eric

It all started over Christmas break from college. Eric was going to spend a few days with me and then go home to Montana for Christmas. The sad day came when I had to take him to the airport. I was not able to walk him to security because my dads car “broke down”.

Eric “left” and texted me as he traveled across the country and told me when he got home that next morning around 1. In reality he had actually had the pastors son pick him up from the airport where I lived, and Eric spent the night at his house in my town. I woke up the next morning and my mom had “planned” a mother daughter photo shoot so we got all fancied up for that. A tradition every year that we do before and during Christmas is that with the biggest Christmas present we have a scavenger hunt.

Well, before we went to the photo shoot my dad had me do this scavenger hunt a few days before Christmas. The last clue led me to a forest area down a hill behind my house, but it was also raining so I had a big umbrella. My dad had to blind fold me because he wasn’t able to set the next clue up outside because of the rain. I made my way down to the forest area and was positioned by my mom. I waited for the blind fold to be removed. It was removed by Eric while I thought it was my dad. Anyhow when it was removed I looked down to find rose petals everywhere. I looked to my left and saw a birch tree painted on a pallet with Eric and my initials carved into it. I turned my head and realized it was Eric who had removed the blind fold and planned every little detail working up to that day!



I was shocked that it was him. I couldn’t process how he got here. I thought he somehow flew back that morning. He had to physically turn me towards him because I was frozen. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I said YES! It was the best and most detailed proposal I had ever heard of!!

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