Courtney and Eric

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How We Met

We met when we were really young we were both sophomores in high school and didn’t even have our drivers license yet! We met through Facebook (typical millennials haha) but it was really weird because we ended up finding out my grandparents lived across from his house which was really cool! We spent our high school years together while we attended different high schools and grew up together with experiencing big life events such as getting our license, prom, graduating, getting into college and so on. It’s amazing to see how much we have grown together since we were so young when we met!

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how they asked

The engagement was a long process, a lot of waiting for me because we did it a little untraditional and picked out the ring before hand. This was not our plan but we went to the mall one night at the very end of August of 2017 and I had mentioned to Eric that i wanted to look at rings because we both knew we wanted to get engaged soon because that September was our 4 and a half year anniversary. So we went into Kay jewlers and started looking at rings so I could just show him the kind of rings I liked so later on he could pick one out that he knew I liked. I ended up liking the complete opposite shape of ring which was a pear shaped instead of what I thought I liked, a square. I didn’t know what I liked until I tried it on. Since that ring was on sale he ended up getting me that ring that day and keeping it in our closet for the next 11 months! I told my family and close friends we had the ring because I couldn’t contain my excitement and started getting quite impatient throughout those last month’s before getting engaged. Finally thanks to our friends who are photographers and their idea to do it in the mountains in July (when we were there for their wedding) I was completely shocked to be proposed to and i was incredibly grateful and happy that it was a long wait because the location and experience was incredible and totally worth it! I loved the fact that our friends and eric had this planned for so long! I couldn’t be happier with the proposal and the time and work Katie + Devin put into it with photographing it and taking us to the most beautiful location! Now we have a couple years to plan before the wedding because were waiting until I’m done with college!

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