Courtney and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I met in college and absolutely nothing happened. I was notorious for having a boyfriend in my most fun years, and Eric was best friends with our neighbor. Austin, the neighbor, was so country, but always invited us over when he had get togethers. I remember meeting Eric and thinking he was sweet, but wasn’t in the market. Fast forward 8 years and we connected on Snapchat. He was taking the most amazing trips and I was fascinated with his pictures. My best friends birthday is on May 27th (a day after Erics) and while out celebrating we bumped into him! I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but I saw him almost every weekend after that, and the rest is history!

how they asked

It’s no secret how big of a UGA fan I am. My grandfather was a recruit and we have been attending games since my mother was 12! I also cheered and coached in the 4 years I spent at the University of Georgia. It’s part of my life, and Eric made sure to incorporate it into our proposal. With the help of my best friend (who happens to be the head cheerleading coach) Ben, the coach, invited my mom and me to the stadium for a “luncheon.” He brought us out to look at the field and to my right there Eric was. He was in our exact seats we sit in every Saturday for football games. He had my favorite flowers and a postcard. (Backstory on postcards..eric travels for work, and every time he comes home he writes a sweet message to remind me how much he missed me)! When I got closer he said he wanted to do it in this spot and wanted my Grandfather to be a part of it. The ring went perfectly on and the Athens postcard asked me to marry him with two check boxes, both with “yes” next to them. It is my favorite day, and will continue to be for all of our days.

Where to Propose in Sanford Stadium; Athens, Ga

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