Courtney and Dillon

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How We Met

Dillon and I met when we were in high school, shortly after I turned 16 and he turned 18. Neither one of us knew about one another and one day in the lunch line he was with my best friend’s cousin and I was with my best friend, so naturally, we all began to talk and holy cow he was cuuute. Days after the initial reaction of thinking “who is this man”, I received a Facebook message from the cute guy from the lunch line and I was giddy but I had to play it cool (of course). He offered his number after introductions and I decided to offer mine back instead of texting first…so high school. Dillon sent me a text the next day and that is when our love story began. It’s been 6+ years since we met in a lunch line and I am still so thankful that we wanted the same food that day. Dillon and I experienced many rough patches towards the beginning of our relationship. He was two years older than me and graduating and had initially decided to move away for college (about 1 hour), which really hit hard. Not only me but our relationship. It was rocky but I feel blessed that we were able to make it through it because after his first year he decided to come home. His mom became really ill shortly after, which made the decision for him to stay home that much easier. His mom was a blessing in all of our lives and we both miss her daily- but there is no doubt that she is still a rock in our relationship. Because of her, we decided that life is what you make it and you may never know when your last day could be. This takes us to our engagement story.

how they asked

Dillon and I started to travel while I was completing my degree in Radiography. During “winter breaks” and “spring breaks”, we thought that it would be the perfect time to see the world together. We didn’t think about the money- because we knew that these are once in a lifetime experiences that we wanted to enjoy together. After a couple trips, we wanted to plan a big one. What could be better than Disneyland! We both had been to Disney World (Orlando) before, and I couldn’t think of anything better than visiting the original Cinderella Castle in Anaheim, California. We wanted to this trip worthwhile, so we also planned to visit the Los Angeles beaches and Hollywood. We planned this trip with only a month to make it perfect. Everyone swore to me this would be the time, as we had just celebrated our 5 year anniversary the following March and I would be graduating the upcoming May, but I couldn’t bring myself to terms with it.

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Was this really happening!? We flew into LAX on the 14th of October, 2017 and used our first day in California to enjoy the palm trees and eat good food. We were visiting Disneyland the next day, so we had to pace ourselves. The next morning I put on my Cinderella t-shirt, curled my hair, and placed the cutest Minnie ears on my head- this was my time to be a kid again! I was raised on Disney! Our hotel was just down the street so we walked and immediately were giddy when we finally hit Main Street. Seeing the castle was such an amazing moment for me- something I had always dreamed of.

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Taking it all in, Dillon was able to catch a lady with her husband and children and had asked to take a couple pictures of the two of us. All along we had planned getting as many pictures as we could together because we didn’t know when our next vacation would be. The pictures attached show the initial moment, the moment he began telling our story to me and I knew. I KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND I COULDN’T HOLD IN THE TEARS. To be honest, I blacked out.

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But now that I have read others engagement stories, I know how common that is but I still remember the exact moment I said yes to the love of my life. He made this moment perfect.

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Everyone around us was clapping, taking pictures, and cheering and that just made me cry even harder. This will be something I remember for the rest of my life and I cannot wait to share this with our children someday.

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