Courtney and David


How We Met

It was a breezy fall day at Hampton University. I was with all of my girlfriends and we were starving so we ventured to the Student Center to grab some good ‘ol Pirate’s Grill. We were sitting at the high tables in the atrium, and we had just finished up eating- most likely talking about weekend plans or discussing some juicy campus gossip. I looked over towards Pirate’s Grill and saw a table of boys sitting there cracking up laughing, and I noticed this cutie with super long dreadlocks and gorgeous eyes. His smile was to-die-for.

I noticed that I worked with one of the guys that was sitting at the table in the past, so I said to my girls “Y’all, there’s this guy at that table who is so cute!” One of my friends told me to go up and say something to him, and all of my other friends chimed in lol so eventually we all decided to go up to the table to speak to our mutual friend. As soon as we all exchanged hello’s, David looked at me and said “Aren’t you @courtneyyloves from Twitter??” I blushed and said yes- that’s me. And from there, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up later. The rest is history :)


how they asked

David (AKA Baevid) and I flew to LA for my birthday week-long celebration. He took the time to plan everything out day by day down to the T, and on Saturday we had plans to go museum hopping.

We went to LA’s African American Museum which had this beautiful rose garden right outside of it. After we saw all of the exhibits, Baevid, and our two friends who were with us, walked over to the Exposition Rose Garden to stroll and take some Instagram photos (well-that’s what I thought we were there for! lol).

I was his model for a couple minutes until he asked for a photo with me. We took a cute snap, and as I was trying to get my phone to see how it came out, he wouldn’t let my hand go and pulled me back over to him. He said to me “Courtney, I have something serious to talk to you about. I planned this whole weekend on purpose. I want you to know that I love you so much and I know you have been patient with me…”


(at this point i was freaking out. I had no clue what was going on, but when he dropped the word “Patient” it clicked!). He then reached in his back pocket, pulled out a deep mahogany brown box, and dropped to one knee.


He looked up at me with a HUGE smile, eyes glistening, and said “Will You Marry Me?” I immediately started crying my eyes out and dropped to the ground right there with him sobbing. He asked me if that was a yes and I told him absolutely LOL He then told me to look at the ring and I opened my eyes and started wailing some more LOL. I literally could not believe my eyes.


All of my friends ran out to us in the Rose Garden and it all just hit me that the love of my life, my soul mate, really popped the question- in front of all of my best friends, in my favorite city, in a Rose Garden so we can start our journey to become Mr. & Mrs. Rose together.



My friends are nothing short of amazing. They brought out some Rosé and Red Roses for us to celebrate in the moment :)


“Love is like a rose. When pressed between two lifetimes, it will last forever”.


Special Thanks

Tyrone Smith