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How We Met

The way in which Daniel and I met is a bit complicated and lengthy, but the story is worth it (atleast we think so). I was on a pro dance team for the San Jose SaberCats and Daniel was working for Golds Gym with one of my teammates that kept bugging him and her co workers to go to a game (he used the word “bugging”, not me! Because we thought AFL was lame *Que rolling eyes*). He ended up going to the very last game of the season with 3 other co workers. It turns out another co worker of his was a good family friend of another teammate of mine, who convinced me to go out with her and her boyfriends friends after the game. Her boyfriends friends ended up bailing but she wasn’t concerned since she knew her family friend was out with co workers (aka Daniel). We met up with them at The Wagon in Downtown San Jose and the chair next to Daniel was open so I sat in it. We talked all night and at the end of the night Daniel bought me a rose from the guys that walk around with buckets of roses in Downtown San Jose. The funny part was though is that these guys only take cash, which he didn’t have, so he asked the guy across the table from me for $5 while I pretended to not pay attention (and trying to hide the fact that I was bright red). We then went on our first date that next week and the rest is history…

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years from when we met… Daniel and I had just celebrated our 4 year anniversary a few weeks earlier and little did I know, he was scheming behind my back with one of my best friends Megan and her husband Jon planning the perfect proposal. Daniel had had a hard week at work, since he had recently started a new job, and said that he really wanted to go to the beach over the weekend to clear his mind. He really wanted to go to Carmel. I agreed, at first, since I wanted him to have the relaxing weekend he seemed to really need.As the weekend got closer and I checked the weather, I asked Daniel if we could go to Santa Cruz or Capitola instead because Carmel was going to be much colder. I have to admit, I asked quite a few times so I don’t blame him but, he snapped at me and said “you plan EVERYTHING, let me plan something for once”.

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I just figured he was on edge from work so I shut up. Then Saturday rolled around and what do I ask… “are you sure you don’t want to go to Santa Cruz or Capitola?” and what did he do? …. “Fine, since you don’t want to be cold we just wont go at all”… Oops… I apologized and grabbed my North Face and we went to Carmel. Little did I know, Megan and Jon had left an hour earlier so their was no turning back now … When we got to the beach we set up a blanket and had a cooler of food but Daniel wanted to go for a walk before we ate. While we were walking further and further from our stuff I kept saying we should turn around, we should really turn around. At one point I even thought i could see someone far far away being nosy around our stuff and started running back to it … OOPS again.

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Daniel convinced me everything was fine and said I HAD to keep walking with him. That’s when we came up to a beautiful picnic setting. As we got closer I started to recognize some of the decor from mine and Megan’s old apartment. Then Daniel said “see that note in the bottle, I think you should read it”. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could barely read the words but when I turned around he was on one knee with the most perfect ring.

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Megan and Jon were hiding up the hill with their cameras and their was also a go pro on a tree branch so we have it all recorded, take a look for yourself ….

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