Courtney and Cory

How We Met

“How did you two meet?” the question which often prompted the response, “well, whose story do you want to hear?” This usually resulted in me telling the truth, and Cory fabricating some elaborate, crazy, made-up story of how we “met,” like bumping into me on a unicycle, or saving me from a vicious tiger attack at the zoo. It wasn’t until about two months ago that my now fiancé, Cory, would come to accept the truth of how it all happened. I like to believe that it was serendipity that brought us together for the first time. Serendipity and…Bumble. A modernized dating app where the girl was supposed to spark the conversation with the guy first. Cory lived in small-town Iowa, where he had friends insisting that he downloaded and try the app for a bit. However, he only lasted a day or two before deleting the app. Fast forward seven months and I downloaded the app to give it a try after a couple of my friends kept pushing me to do it, “Just do it for a week, if you don’t meet anyone you can delete it.” Okay, fine—here we go. I also only lasted for a day or two on the app, but before I deleted it I noticed Cory in a picture with one of my friends. Of course, like anyone else, I went into “creep” mode on Facebook and found him via our mutual friend. Little did Cory know, he didn’t actually delete his profile–just the app–so his profile was still floating around in the Bumble world…lucky me!! After looking through some of his pictures, finding out we had a lot in common, (and a little encouragement from my friends), I decided to message him: “Hey Cory, this may be a little weird and definitely unlike me, but I wanted to reach out and say hi. I saw your profile on Bumble in a pic with Patrick. I’ve since deleted Bumble but thought I’d throw this out there – if you find yourself in Des Moines and would like to meet up for coffee let me know, if not, no worries!” Four hours later he responded, but to my dismay he didn’t even acknowledge the coffee comment. However, after talking on social media for a week, Cory FINALLY took me up on the coffee date! The date was supposed to be a simple conversation over a cup of coffee but somehow turned into a seven hour date that not only involved coffee, but a flight of beers at the Iowa Tap Room, a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake from Zombie Burger and a stroll around the Des Moines Capitol building. It was the best beginning to our adventure together!

how they asked

We both love adventures, so it wasn’t long into dating that Cory and I found ourselves in front of the computer googling “Top Vacation Destinations.” After contemplating our (seemingly endless) options, we decided that Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada would be our first vacation destination. So, eight and a half months into dating, we packed our bags and started our adventure to Canada! Right away, Cory got out his Go Pro and told me that he planned to make a little compilation video of our trip and I shouldn’t pay much attention when he’s videotaping. He also informed me that we’d be dancing at all of our destinations, to add to the video. So that’s what we did. When we got to our hot spots, whether that be the top of a mountain after a hike, a waterfall or a nice lake lookout, we danced! One of the first nights into our trip, I couldn’t help but notice that Cory was glued to his phone. I kept asking him to get off and enjoy our night together, but he insisted he needed to find a place to hike for the next day since the place we had talked about hiking was closed due to an avalanche. We never set much of an itinerary so I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. The next day we got up and moved to a new hotel in the Lake Louise area, which was stunningly beautiful. Upon arrival, the park rangers confirmed that the avalanche had in-fact closed the trails and on top of that, it had just started to rain. Cory was super bummed, and I could tell he was getting stressed. I still couldn’t understand how someone could be so upset over a little rain and a closed trail. I reassured him repeatedly, since we couldn’t control the weather and whatever we decided to do instead would be fun because it’s us! We grabbed lunch and made a plan. I had done very little research beforehand, but remembered seeing a beautiful lake I’d hoped to check out, so I suggested we head that way and just see what happens with the weather. When we finally arrived at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, the weather was absolutely beautiful and the sun was shining. I wanted to canoe, so we found the rental shop and headed out onto the beautiful green lake. The views were absolutely breathtaking.

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In true chivalrous fashion, he rowed while we took in the sights around the lake. When we finished, he suggested we take a little walk around the lake, you know, to find a “spot to dance.” So we did just that. While he took a little longer this time to set up not one, but two cameras, I waited until it was time to break it down. I could tell that he was acting a little strange, but I shrugged it off thinking he didn’t want to dance in front of the few people passing by. This time, instead of dancing, he grabbed my hands, started his speech, and got down on one knee. I was SO excited!! Tears of joy flowed from each of us and I’d finally figured out why he was so stressed about the weather!

It was the most perfect day, with the most amazing person, in the most beautiful place. When we got back to the hotel, Cory had planned another little surprise for me. He had been in contact with my dad (a hobbyist photographer), who had set him up with a photographer in Canada that agreed to do a mini engagement photo shoot for us. It was such an exciting way to capture a couple photos that we will cherish forever.

We loved being able to enjoy our engagement, just the two of us, for the rest of the trip. When we got home, the surprises didn’t stop! He had secretly invited both of our family’s to my place to welcome us home and celebrate. It was the BEST end to the most amazing trip!