Courtney and Connor

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

How We Met

Connor and I became acquainted in the summer of 2010 when I began interning for the Akron Aeros where he was playing at the time. We only spoke once that summer, I was returning from lunch with a coworker and he was in the family waiting area signing stickers which would later be put on his baseball cards. The conversation lasted a few minutes and that was the extent of our relationship until several years later when we reconnected online. We hit it off immediately and became very fast friends. Being that we were both chasing careers in different states, we only saw each other in person twice over the year that proceeded the official start of our relationship. That didn’t stop us from developing an incredibly strong friendship though. We spoke almost every day and facetimed with each other as often as we could. We began dating in June of 2014 during a long weekend trip to Nashville. We traveled back-and-forth between Chicago and Bowling Green for almost a year before we moved to Dayton in the summer of 2015 and began living together.

Courtney and Connor's Engagement in The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

how they asked

In May we took a trip to Ireland with Connor’s immediate family. After spending the first night in Dublin with everyone, we took a side trip up to Northern Ireland while the rest of our group headed to Newport. We checked into a beautiful little Bed and Breakfast in Ballycastle that overlooked the North Atlantic Ocean and Rathlin Island. After getting settled we decided to visit the Dark Hedges, a small street lined with whimsical-looking, intertwined beech trees which was used as filming location for Game of Thrones. We walked about halfway up the street where we found a small group of American tourists who asked us to take a photo of them. We agreed and asked if they would return the favor. When it was our turn, we posed for a photo in the middle of the road. After a normal shot Connor turned to the photographer and asked for one more. He kissed me and then got down on one knee.

With the adrenaline pumping, things became a little hazy but I know that I gave him the wrong hand at first and then kissed him to which he responded “you didn’t say yes, yet.” After a little bit of the high wore off we went to gather our camera from the cheering group. The female in the group was crying and informed us that her and one of the other group members just got engaged 2 days before while they were in England. It was a perfect, intimate proposal in a beautiful setting.