Courtney and Connor


How We Met

Connor and I swiped right (thanks Tinder) on August 12, 2015. His charm and sense of humor immediately intrigued me, and after a few messages were exchanged we decided to have dinner. I remember driving to the restaurant feeling so nervous… I didn’t know anything about this guy, I didn’t even know what I was looking for or why I agreed to this date… but all my nerves were instantly calmed the first moment I saw him.

Courtney and Connor's Engagement in Our living room

It’s super cheesy, but honestly, sitting down to have dinner with him felt like sitting down with an old friend. We shared the typical first date questions but that quickly evolved into a genuine conversation, and before I knew it the restaurant was closing. Instead of ending the night there, we went back to my house and watched a couple movies (we still quote The Emperor’s New Groove to each other) and once we realized our first date hate stretched into the early hours of the next morning, Connor went home. It sounds silly but we spent every day after that first date together. We were inseparable. We were best friends. We were in love.

Proposal Ideas Our living room

Where to Propose in Our living room

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our living room

how they asked

December 15, 2017 was the last day of exams for my first semester of graduate school. The move to Indiana and the start of this new adventure had been challenging for me but Connor was such a firm foundation every step of the way. After my exam I was emotional and just exhausted from the lack of sleep and overstudying that the previous weeks had consisted of. When I got home there was a gift for me on the coffee table. Candles were lit, the house was clean, Connor was home from work early… and still, I was clueless. When I opened the box I found a name plate that read “Courtney Manning AuD, CCC-A.” The letters are what I will earn after completion of my time in grad school, but the last name is what what I will earn when we tie the knot. Before I knew what was happening, there he was, down on one knee and asking me to spend the rest of our lives together. I said yes, with no hesitation, and now I get to steal the last name of the boy who stole my heart with a cheesy pickup line.