Courtney and Colson

Courtney's Proposal in Weston Red Barn Farms

How We Met

Colson and I met when we were juniors in high school at youth group! We became good friends but then went to different colleges, he went to the University of Arkansas and I went to Baylor University! The summer after our freshman year we worked at the same summer camp and really started to get close, he became one of my best friends and whenever I was needing a break from school I would drive to Fayetteville to see him and some girlfriends! Fast forward to our Junior year of college, Colson called to ask me to his fraternity formal, since we were so close I didn’t think anything of it! But that weekend something changed and we saw each other as much more than friends, we’ve been running full speed ahead since then! So after a year of long distance, many car rides and Facetimes later we both graduated and moved back to Kansas City to start our lives FINALLY in the same city!

Courtney and Colson's Engagement in Weston Red Barn Farms

Proposal Ideas Weston Red Barn Farms

How They Asked

Let me start off our story by saying that absolutely no one, including Colson, every thought he would be able to pull off surprising me when he proposed. Being very type A and maybe a little bit nosey, He knew he was going to have to pull out every trick to be able to catch me off guard. So, about two months out from the proposal Colson sent me an email from his boss about a charity event the entire office would be attending for Cerebral Palsy (ps-it is cerebral palsy awareness month, yes he was that detailed). The email had every detail down to an actual fake invitation, I obviously had no clue. Over the next month or so he would send me screenshots with texts from his coworkers (yes they were all in on it) about the event just to make sure I had no idea! The “charity event” was going to be out at Red Barn Farms, a beautiful event space and pumpkin patch Colson had grown up going to (little did I know his parents also knew the owners). So the day of the big charity event finally is here and we get all dressed up. ‘

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He was afraid I maybe knew when I showed up in a white dress but could tell on our drive out there that I was still clueless. We get there and a lot of packed to due to a wedding going on next door, so I still had no clue. Right before we walked in Colson stopped to kiss me and tell me he loved me, which I thought was sweet but also a little random. Until of course he opened the door and I hear “Everlasting Love” start to play (cue the tears). In front of me is rose petals lining the way to the most beautiful wooden table and arch with an arrangement of flowers, pictures, and a white box. I look to my left and right and see my two best friends (who both live out of state) and my sister.

We walked to the table and Colson turned to tell me he wanted to show me something. He opened the box and inside was a book, yes an actual BOOK he had made of every journal entry he had kept from our first year of dating. From our first kiss to just random fun memories, everything was there.

He flipped to the last page and read me the sweetest letter of every reason he was in love with me and wanted me to be his wife (cue more and more tears). When he finished he reached underneath the table and got the ring box and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him – OF COURSE, I SAID YES!!!!

After a lot of hugging and crying my sister handed me notes from every one of my college roommates and friends and told me to read them so it felt like they were there since they all lived in Texas. We drove back to my parents’ house to see what was supposed to be just our families there to celebrate us.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Weston Red Barn Farms

We walked in so excited to see them, but when I turned the corner of my front hallway there stood all eight of my best friends, Colson had made sure every single one of them could be there!!!!!! At this point I’m inconsolable of course, we spent the rest of the night celebrating…I can not imagine having had a more perfect day or a more perfect man to spend the rest of my life with!

Special Thanks

Jason Domingues
 | Photographer