Courtney and Collin

How We Met

He had asked me to be his girlfriend the first time we met, and it was history from there. Two years ago, I was the designated “single friend” my college besties always tried to set up on dates. No one was more persistent than my best friend Michaela, so it came to no surprise when she gave this random Collin guy my number. My first reaction? Great, I’m going to have to blow this guy off. Match-making never works out, right?! However, long-distance texting turned into long-distance phone calls, turned into long-distance FaceTimes, into “Ok, I think I should meet this Collin guy”. I was beyond nervous to meet him! What if we don’t click in person?! What if we don’t have that spark? My mind was racing. The first moment he pulled up to my house and embraced me for the first time, all my fear and anxiety melted away. I knew at that moment he was the one. Moral of the story? Always give your crazy, supportive, match-making best friends a chance to set you up. True love could be waiting for one awkward text message away!

How They Asked

He popped the question in one of my most cherished places, and where we had talked about getting married one day. We were on our week-long vacation in Vermont visiting my Grandma at her lake house. Since I was a little girl, I always imagined myself getting married at her lake house. He really wanted to go on a local Vermont hike, but it had been raining all day. So, when the sun popped out for a bit I voted to go kayaking on the lake instead. After some convincing, we hiked on a local trail near the lake house where we could go see a little waterfall. When we got to the bridge he offered to take a cute Instagram worthy photo of me looking out to the waterfall.

Courtney's Proposal in Vermont

After giving him my phone and showing him the proper angle and lighting I wanted (I’ve trained him to be a great Instagram boyfriend photographer!), I waited and waited for him to snap the photo with my back turned to him. He was silent for so long I turned around to see what in the world was taking him so long!! And there he was on one knee holding out the ring. I had absolutely lost it! After our intimate proposal, he pointed up into the trees where my sister (who is a photographer) was hiding in camouflage with a huge telephoto lens!! Little did I know, they’ve been planning this for months and my Grandma was in on the scheme.

Courtney and Collin's Engagement in Vermont

(Side story: My Grandma was very happy Collin chose to go through with the proposal on July 17th, because it had happened to be the 10th anniversary of my Grandpa’s passing that day. She believes in a continuance of happy things in life replacing the sad things. So, when it came to choosing our potential wedding day, without a beat we chose July 17th, 2021. *Still pending Grandma’s approval!!*)

Where to Propose in Vermont

Special Thanks

Brooke Adams
 | Photographer