Courtney and Cody

How We Met

My fiance Cody and I met in at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO. We had met through mutual friends long before we ever became a couple. We were both doing our own thing for a while, but as cheesy as this sounds, were loving each other from afar! Finally my senior year of college, my girlfriends and I were out celebrating being single on Valentine’s Day, when Cody and a friend walked into the same place to celebrate! It was like something just clicked at the point, we had been longing to be together and were finally at a point where we could be! It sounds totally cliche but I found the love of my life on Valentine’s day 2011 and the rest is history!!! This picture is the very first picture we ever took together, and it was taken in 2009 and is still one of my favorites!


Image 1 of Courtney and Cody

how they asked

After being together for almost five years, my Fiancé and I went on vacation to San Pedro, Belize with my parents, for what I thought was a celebration of THEIR 30th wedding anniversary. We did many exciting things in Belize; the most exciting was getting to go scuba diving in the crystal clear water with the sharks and sting rays!!! We were there for eight days and on day five my Fiancé was acting strange saying he had an upset stomach and didn’t want to eat, which is not like him at all, but thought it was maybe from travel. We went on a dive and were diving down about 25 feet or so. We swam through a cave and a little after, the Dive Master signaled he wanted my camera, so I of course handed it to him, then my Fiancé, the Dive Master and my dad were all gathered together around me looking at me. I looked behind me half expecting there to be a shark or something, but when I turned back around my Fiancé was on one knee UNDER THE WATER holding a sign that said “Will You Marry Me?” while holding a treasure chest with the ring in it! I couldn’t actually say “yes” due to being under water, but I gave a whole body nod and there were a ton of bubbles! The seal of my mask broke due to me smiling so big. :0) Little did I know that my Fiancé, my dad, the Dive Master and other guys at the Dive Shop had been planning this engagement for over a year and a half, and this trip was all about us, not my parents. My mom who doesn’t scuba, was able to see everything from above while snorkeling. It was the most magical moment of my life, being underwater, in Belize, surrounded by beautiful fish, my family, a great friend in the Dive Masters and of course, my new Fiancé, Prior to the proposal one of the other Dive Masters free-dove down to us while we were swimming through the cave, I thought he was just saying “Hi!” but he was actually giving my Fiancé the “Will You Marry Me?” sign. I still can’t believe he proposed the way he did, it was absolutely spectacular, especially because we will be getting married in the snowy mountains of Colorado, the complete opposite of tropical San Pedro!

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